Renault 4 re-imagined as electric 4EVER Concept

The new 4EVER Concept car

Renault has unveiled the 4EVER Trophy, an electric SUV concept based on the historic Renault 4.

The 4EVER Trophy paves the way for the future all-electric B Segment SUV from Renault that will suit urban and rural roads alike.

Like the Renault 5, that was unveiled last year, the 4EVER will be made using the new CMF-BEV platform for B segment electric vehicles. The market positioning of the future Renault 5 and Renault 4 will be much like that of Clio and Captur.

Luca de Meo, chief executive officer of Renault, said: “The 4L is a legend. And legends never die! Today, it is this universal dimension of the 4L, a car that everyone can love, that we want to find through a modern and electric reinterpretation of the Renault 4.”

The dune-buggy styling gives 4EVER Trophy a competitive look. Its hollowed-out bonnet has a huge air exhaust that vastly improves the efficiency of the radiator located in the centre of the shield. The front overhang has been shortened considerably for a greater clearance capacity.

With a spare tyre located on the carbon fibre roof, and a shovel and waffle boards on the upper section of the rear door, the car is ready to tackle any situation.

The vast body protection panels on the lower section are made with a considerable 20cm clearance around the wheel arches. The underbelly has been reinforced to provide greater protection for the battery located in the middle of the chassis.

Each wheel on 4EVER Trophy has a visible compressor that can be readily adjusted from inside the car to adapt the tyre pressure to suit the terrain.

While 4EVER Trophy is clearly an off-road car by nature, it was also designed to be enjoyed on any road, fuss-free. The future electric 4L aims to be as versatile as its predecessor once was – or rather has always been since 1962.

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