Silverstone Partners with 3TI to Enhance Sustainability Efforts through Solar

Silverstone installs three solar powered EV charging units across the site ahead of a busy summer of motorsport.

Silverstone installs three solar powered EV charging units across the site ahead of a busy summer of motorsport.

3TI, a prominent UK company specializing in solar car parks, has successfully installed three temporary solar car parks with integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the renowned Silverstone racetrack. The charging hubs, known as Papilio3, have been specifically customized for Silverstone as part of the racetrack’s Shift to Zero strategy, aiming to enhance sustainability efforts.

Papilio3 is a unique system that combines local power from the main grid with solar panels, a battery, and EV charging points. This innovative combination enables businesses to deploy up to 12 fast charging points simultaneously. By integrating smart charging and intelligent electrical load management, the technology offers various benefits, including optimizing the speed and carbon efficiency of EV charging and assisting with grid balancing.

Constructed using recycled shipping containers, each Papilio3 unit at Silverstone features nearly 20kWp of solar capacity and can fast charge 12 EVs at 7, 11, or 22kW. One of the three units will also receive an additional 1MW of energy from an existing solar array on the roof of the Wing International Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Silverstone’s Managing Director, Stuart Pringle, expressed enthusiasm for the Shift to Zero initiative and the installation of solar-powered EV charging, which aligns with their ongoing efforts to reduce the venue’s carbon footprint. Pringle highlighted the appeal of Papilio3 due to its rapid deployment and the immediate availability of multiple charge points for staff and visitors. He looks forward to witnessing the solar car parks in full operation during Silverstone’s busiest period.

Papilio3 was introduced in May 2022 to accelerate the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in the UK and contribute to decarbonizing the transportation sector. As a British-designed and manufactured solution, Papilio3 can be installed within 24 hours, requiring minimal groundwork and no new grid connections. This makes it an ideal choice for workplace and destination charging. 3TI’s efforts in this field have gained significant recognition, including a recent Innovation award at the British Renewable Energy Awards.

Andrew Troop, Sales Director at 3TI, encourages other businesses to follow Silverstone’s lead by installing on-site charging facilities. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting customers in achieving their sustainability goals through the adoption of eco-friendly solar power. Papilio3, as a rapidly deployable and straightforward solution, can expedite organizations’ progress in reducing their carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainable mobility and fuel sector.

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