Survey suggests EV servicing costs third of ICE counterparts

Fewer moving parts mean that EV servicing costs around a third less than a service for an internal combustion engine vehicle, a new survey has suggested.

According to the study from, an EV service will set its owner back an average £103, EVs are at least a third less expensive to service compared to diesel, hybrid, and petrol vehicles. Meanwhile, the owner of a diesel car, will pay £163 on average, while a hybrid motorist will pay £159, with petrol owners paying £151. The study also suggested that general maintenance and MOT costs will be 43% lower.

Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at, said, “The nature of EV powertrains not requiring engine oil changes, fuel filters, air filters or spark plugs means that servicing an electric vehicle requires less labour and fewer replacement parts and fluids, helping to lower costs for motorists.

“That said, servicing is still essential for EVs from a safety perspective, so the throughput of vehicles in workshops and the business opportunity for garages should remain similar to ICE vehicles – much of the cost saving is from fewer replacement parts rather than a reduction in labour.”

Jessica added: “As ICE vehicle drivers begin to move over to EVs in the coming years, and the infrastructure of the UK for electric vehicles on the road continues to improve, opportunities for EV-qualified garages will grow rapidly. Garages that are not qualified to service EVs will miss out on vital business and be faced with a shrinking market.”

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