Tesco starts charging to use supermarket charge points

Tesco will start charging electric vehicle (EV) drivers to use its supermarket charge points at all stores from today (Tuesday, November 1).

The supermarket giant first announced it had introduced free chargers at 100 of its Tesco stores in 2019. It was subsequently expanded to 500 stores in March of this year.

Tesco says that as a result of its free chargers, EV drivers have enjoyed more than 86 million miles of free electric driving.

The network was launched in by Tesco, Volkswagen and Pod Point, with plans to install around 2,400 charge points.

EV drivers will now have to pay 28p/kWh for the slowest 7kW connections, rising to 40p for the 22kW AC and 50p for the 50kW rapid chargers.

Currently, only the 50kW DC chargers have a cost, which is 28p/kWh.

Payment will have to be made through the Podpoint app for the AC chargers or by contactless for the 50kW rapid points.

In a statement, PodPoint said: “The new tariffs are some of the most competitive in the market and will enable us to continue investing in our network. It’s hoped that by making these changes customers will only top up when they need to, ensuring that they make way for others once their cars are charged.”

Revenues will help fund and expand the network, with PodPoint expected to meet its target of installing charging at 600 Tesco stores by spring 2023.

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