Thinkcar UK widens EV tool range as opportunity grows

With independent garages seeing more EVs as existing cars reach the aftermarket and the sale of new EVs continue, Thinkcar UK is looking to support workshops through an ever-widening range of EV specialist tools.

“Thinkcar UK is at the forefront of the EV diagnostic equipment industry,” said Alex Gillbanks, Managing Director of Impact Diagnostics, the specialist supplier behind Thinkcar UK, “offering a variety of specialised tools for electric vehicles.”

The range includes diagnostic tools, battery chargers, specialist lifts and more. “Thinkcar’s Master CE EVD is a dedicated EV diagnostic tool,” said Alex, “providing comprehensive support for electric vehicles. Then there is our Bolt-On EV Kit. This massively expands the ability to diagnose off-the car for the Thinkcar Euro Max and Euro Master X, both of which are already offer comprehensive coverage for EVs.
“The Thinkcar EVC 201 is a purpose-built EV high-voltage insulation tester, designed for safety and reliability when working with EVs. Meanwhile, the Thinkcar EVP 802 Battery Pack Equaliser Balancer is invaluable for servicing and maintaining battery packs in a wide range of EV vehicles, ensuring they operate efficiently and have a longer lifespan.”

On the charger front, there is the Thinkcar EVP 902 Battery Charger. “Designed for charging high-voltage batteries in various EVs,” said Alex, “the Thinkcar EVP 902 is tailored to meet the unique requirements of these vehicles.”

Safely lifting EV batteries is a concern for garages. This is where the Thinkcar EVP501 comes in. “This is a specialised lift for safely and efficiently removing EV batteries from vehicles during service and repair,” said Alex, “employing our dedicated EV service tools.”

The increasing presence of EVs on UK roads means that garages should be considering their options. “EVs are different from traditional vehicles,” said Alex, “and specific tooling and equipment is necessary to make the most of the opportunity. All of these tools and equipment are available through our extensive network of Thinkcar UK approved resellers.”

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