World Class Braking. Engineered for EVs.

Allied Nippon dials up the performance and turns down the noise with introduction of new EV+ brake pads.

Renowned brake pad manufacturer, Allied Nippon, is poised to make a major impact with the introduction of EV+, a range of world class brake pads engineered for the future of the automotive aftermarket: the electric vehicle. Fully featured, and with a unique and distinctive cosmetic appearance, Allied Nippon is making a strong statement with its all-new, EV-dedicated, and ultra-quiet brake pad formulation.

The EV revolution is well and truly here and moving forward at pace. With over one million EVs now registered on UK roads, and vehicle parc share for the powertrain growing year-on-year, there is a fundamental rationale for Allied Nippon to launch its dedicated EV+ range.

Backed by the brand’s brake pad manufacturing capabilities, which sees Allied Nippon produce millions of brake pad sets for OE, private label, and own-brand customers each year, EV+ has been designed and developed from the ground-up to cater for the EV.

Enhanced stopping + ultra-low noise = opportunity

The primary goal of any brake pad is to bring the vehicle safely to a halt, but EVs present notable challenges through a combination of weight and speed – there is no doubt that EVs are incredibly fast accelerating and heavy in equal measure. To combat these challenges, Allied Nippon’s development team have armed EV+ with a new friction compound, which is heat-treated through a process known as ‘scorching’, and then finished with the brand’s BRAKEBOOST Instant Friction layer – in Allied red of course! These features combine to deliver enhanced friction stability for superior stopping power.

Another major objective that Allied Nippon set out to achieve with EV+ is ultra-low noise. The brand believes in safeguarding the serene driving experience delivered by the EV; at low speeds in particular, the typical EV is 10% quieter than an equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Allied Nippon has harnessed a range of premium features for EV+ to turn down the noise and deliver AA-rated brake pads, which, during testing, achieved an impressive peak output of just 88Db.

EV+ project lead and Allied Nippon Product Development Manager, Matt Ellis, believes EV+ provides a genuine opportunity for motor factors and garages to upsell: “Allied Nippon has a track record for offering up premium performance without the premium price. With EV+, we have dialled up our performance levels even further, and this clearly warrants a higher selling price for the product range. However, for a brake pad that’s designed exclusively for EVs, EV+ remains competitively priced in the market.” Matt went onto say: “By effectively communicating the EV+ message of enhanced stopping power with ultra-low noise, motor factors and garages will truly be able to profit from this exciting new range.”

Fully featured

EV+ delivers an all-new specification and each pad incorporates a range of impressive features that enhance the overall product package. This includes:

-Friction material: Allied Nippon EV+ brake pads feature a specialised friction material selected for its low noise properties and consistent, stable stopping power.

-Brakeboost Instant Friction: The distinctive ‘Allied Red’ of EV+ brake pads is much more than a cosmetic touch. It is in fact a resin-based compound known as BRAKEBOOST, which is designed to provide instant friction during the bedding-in process.

-Scorching: New to Allied Nippon EV+ brake pads is scorching, an additional heat treatment process that takes place after the pad is cured. This improves friction stability, particularly at high temperatures, and contributes further to the ultra-low noise properties of the pads.

-Multi-material backing shims: EV+ pads feature multi-material backing shims and, where relevant to the application, additional stainless-steel shims. This helps reduce vibration and eliminate unwanted noise.

-OE matching chamfers: An angled section on the perimeter of the EV+ friction material controls how the pad edge contacts with the brake disc. This guarantees effective contact between pad and disc to reduce unwanted noise during operation.

-Identification and branding: Every Allied Nippon EV+ brake pad is clearly marked with the part number, batch code, and the all-important ECE R90 reference which underlines the certification of the pad in-line with R90 regulations. For an unmistakeable look, each pad is also neatly branded with ‘EV+ by Allied Nippon’.

-Environmentally sensitive: Allied Nippon EV+ brake pads are certified copper-free and ‘N’ rated by the AASA, safeguarding against marine habitat contamination.

Quality engineered

As one would expect from a brand with Allied Nippon’s OE credentials and aftermarket pedigree, the new EV+ range is engineered for quality. To demonstrate the depth of engineering within EV+ pads, Allied Nippon has produced an ‘exploded’ 3D visual detailing the quality construction. Click here or scan the attached QR code for an immersive and detailed look at Allied Nippon EV+.

Range focus

Launching EV+ to sit alongside the brand’s well-established all-make brake pads, Allied Nippon has kept its range focused on the EV makes and models that matter most to motor factors and garages. The initial EV+ range features 37-part numbers catering for popular marques, such as the Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Tesla Model 3, and Jaguar I-PACE. Furthermore, where the model is an exclusive EV application with no ICE variant, EV+ will be the only Allied Nippon reference available moving forward.

Check out EV+ on the Allied Nippon website > to learn more and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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