Additive use on rise as “overpriced” cost of fuel hits

Engine additives and fuel chemistry specialist Fueltone Pro has reported further increases in the use of petrol and diesel additives, as a sustained rise in the cost of fuel begins to bite.

Fuel prices at forecourts across the country remain high, with further increases expected due to a reduction in supply by OPEC, and the weaker pound affecting import costs. The RAC has suggested increased fuel costs are driven by high global oil prices, but also that petrol is being “overpriced” by retailers.

Fueltone Pro’s Aberdeenshire headquarters has painstakingly developed the latest technological advances in additive chemistry, which can deliver up to a five percent increase in vehicle fuel efficiency, independent tests revealed.

Robbie Gray, chairman at Fueltone Pro, said: “We’re here to help motorists and fleets make the best out of the situation of inflated fuel costs. Our comprehensive range of petrol and diesel additives, combined with engine flushing at regular service intervals, will keep a fuel tank and engine running cleanly, therefore maximising efficiency, and gaining drivers extra mileage – crucial while the price at the pumps remains so high.”

Additive formulations will keep an engine clean, meaning the engine burns the fuel for longer and at a higher temperature, resulting in an increase in power for every millilitre of fuel that the vehicle consumes. Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption, and clean up fuel system components.

The company’s petrol and diesel additive chemistry sits alongside Fueltone Pro’s range of engine flush treatments, diesel particulate filter cleaning agents, and diesel system primers.

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