DENSO highlights its carbon neutrality achievements

DENSO has recently held a series of seminars that together bring into focus the extraordinary lengths the company is going to in order to achieve its 2035 carbon neutrality targets, develop key emission reducing components and increase its business efficiencies.

Atsushi Nakajima of DENSO’s Environment Neutral Systems Development Division gave an overview of the company’s initiative for a hydrogen society, which concentrated on three key areas: DENSO’s approach for carbon neutrality, why is hydrogen necessary and DENSO’s contribution to a hydrogen society.

One of the developments that specifically addresses the subject of DENSOs contribution to a hydrogen society was presented by Takamasa Osugi of the NEGP Development Department of the same division, who spoke about the company’s efforts to overcome two issues to improve the environmental performance of solid oxide fuel cells.

When it comes to increasing business efficiencies, Naohiro Hayashi, who is engaged in the design and development of a solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) system, delivered a presentation about SOEC technology.

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