DENSO’s experts reveal the details of next generation hydrogen technology

DENSO is spearheading R&D efforts for the production of next generation hydrogen technology, while highlighting the current challenges and offering its thoughts on realising a society driven by hydrogen

In a recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ article produced with NewsPicks Brand Design, here, DENSO explains how it is on a quest to harness hydrogen, which is deemed the rising star of clean energy for the future because the element releases zero CO₂ when burned, a defining characteristic that underlines its possibilities in a variety of fields.

As the article reveals, tests are underway at DENSO in the pursuit of the next generation decarbonisation technologies. Solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are being developed using proprietary technologies cultivated in the mobility field, with the former targeting more efficient hydrogen production, and the latter focused on hydrogen usage, capable of generating electricity through the oxidation of hydrogen and other fuels.

Digging deeper into the topic of hydrogen technology, it examines the technological developments and testing underway at DENSO’s Hirose Plant (Toyota City) and Nishio Plant (Nishio City), both located in the heart of Aichi Prefecture, and goes onto provide a recap on why hydrogen is so important, where SOEC and SOFC fit, and how hydrogen technology can be extended across the globe.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at:

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