Extended warranties: Drivers not reading small print

More than half of used car owners that opt for extended warranties often do not understand what will be covered, a survey has found.

Of 51% of UK driving licence holders polled by The Motor Ombudsman who said they would buy an extended warranty for a used car, 42% admitted they would just skim-read the terms and conditions.

According to the YouGov survey of 522 people, just 57% of those who would read skim-read the paperwork understood that the replacement of wear and tear item like brakes and tyres might not be covered. Around 10% said that they were not aware of any factors that could hamper a claim.

However, 57% did understand that having a car repaired without prior authorisation from the warranty provider may see an application turned down. 50% were also aware that claims for not-listed items may be rejected. 47% also recognised that having an incomplete service history could lead to a claim being rejected.

Commenting on the findings, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of the Motor Ombudsman, Bill Fennell said: “Motorists not fully understanding their policy and the level of cover provided, may find that, when they come to make a claim, some items are not covered under the warranty, leading to additional expense.”

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