Factor Sales pivotal in success of new and fastest-selling product range

Factor Sales has continued to solidify partnerships with automotive aftermarket suppliers, this time renewing its relationship with ELTA.

ELTA has renewed its partnership with Factor Sales in a move to fortify its data-driven approach. This collaboration, spanning three years, has proven to be a cornerstone of ELTA’s success, elevating its market presence, transforming the way it navigates the ever-evolving automotive aftermarket and triggering product launches.

ELTA’s commitment to data across its business has yielded remarkable results, according to ELTA Marketing Manager, Tim Brotherton. This dedication has found a crucial ally in Factor Sales, a partner that provides indispensable insights into the marketplace by uploading transactional data from motor factors across the UK and Ireland.

Tim said: “For ELTA, Factor Sales has become more than a tool; it’s an integral part of our broader strategy, particularly influencing new product development process.

“Factor Sales has pushed us into a new era of decision-making. It has enabled us to navigate markets with confidence, streamline operations, and strategically expand our product offerings. It’s not just about data; it’s about turning raw information into actionable insights.”

“Opened doors to previously untapped opportunities”

ELTA’s investments have become more targeted and effective, resulting in consistently successful product launches; for example, its decision to invest in a heater blower resister motor range has proved “immensely successful”.

Tim continued: “The stock moved swiftly, prompting further investment and expansion into heater blower motors. Notably, this new range became our fastest-growing line in recent years, fostering the confidence to explore and expand our heating and cooling range further.”

“The collaboration has allowed us to venture into new territories. What was once approached with caution has now become an avenue for growth. Our newfound ability to explore diverse product ranges has not only broadened our market presence but has also opened doors to previously untapped opportunities.”

Furthermore, the Factor Sales software provided ELTA’s team with the confidence needed when budgeting for these new product ranges. The insights allow product managers to substantiate their requests with concrete data, ensuring informed and data-driven decisions. ELTA can accurately forecast demand, allocate resources effectively, and seize promising opportunities without hesitation.

Exceptional support and collaboration

Tim praised the “consistently outstanding” relationship with Factor Sales, singling out its original founder and still an employee of the business, Ian Penny:

“Right from the outset, Ian has been accessible, promptly addressing any data-related queries and seamlessly incorporating additional product groups when needed. Moreover, our suggestions for enhancements and feedback have been met with openness and responsiveness, leading to impactful implementations.

“The synergy we’ve cultivated with Factor Sales embodies a true partnership. Its willingness to engage with our enquiries and its receptiveness to our suggestions has been pivotal in refining our strategies and leveraging the data effectively.”

Factor Sales is powered by Pearson Ham Group, and its director, Ben Martin, is thrilled that Factor Sales is playing a pivotal role in reshaping ELTA’s approach to product expansion – he said: “The collaboration between ELTA and Factor Sales is a testament to the power of data-driven decision-making in the automotive aftermarket.

“We are delighted that ELTA trusts Factor Sales implicitly, triggering the diversification of its product line-up and its new range has become its fastest-selling line – we couldn’t ask for a greater endorsement than that!”

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