James Tew, CEO, iVendi, on the Autumn Statement

James Tew, CEO, iVendi, said:

“There’s little in the Autumn Statement that is likely to have much direct effect on the fortunes of car dealers and the issues that they currently face, especially when it comes to how the used sector will absorb the growing numbers of EVs that will arrive over the next year or two. However, the various measures designed to help investment, especially full capital expensing, are good news and no doubt some automotive retailers will take advantage of them, while the NI cut will potentially provide a little more financial flexibility for car buyers. After the various substantial blows that the economy has taken in previous years, the chancellor is keen to promote a narrative that we’re ‘back on track’ and that might be a stretch, but we might at least be entering a phase where things have stopped getting worse. In its own way, this is to be welcomed.”even

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