Look Back At Our Top 10 New Products Of 2023

Xperion 6000 Workshop Lights are one of our favourite products of 2023.

AutoScene recently took a look back at some of the best products introduced to the Aftermarket in 2023, here is our highlights.

2023 has seen some huge developments and emerging technologies within the automotive industry and in many ways we are on the cusp of a new dawn for our industry. Electric vehicles have dominated headlines throughout the year with a host of manufactures now joining the EV revolution and we have seen the aftermarket follow suit to meet the growing demand for parts. Our industry has always been at the cutting edge of technology and innovation and 2023 has seen some really exciting product launches. In this feature we look at our favourite new products that have been released in 2023 which you may have missed.

Autotech Connect
Cybercrime Audit, Digital Workflows And Remote Expert

The launch of Autotech Connect in early 2023, once again reflected Autotech Group’s ability to directly respond to the challenges facing the automotive aftermarket. As the fourth division to be launched by the employment and training solutions provider, Autotech Connect was created to help the automotive aftermarket effectively harness the power of technology to streamline processes and empower vehicle technicians through Assisted Reality.

Another key area of focus is counteracting the growing risk of cybercrime. Leveraging the expertise of specialists who hold application knowledge from other industries, including banking, Government, and education, Autotech Connect is helping aftermarket businesses strengthen their digital defences.

website: www.autotechconnect.co.uk

Maverick Diagnostics
Automotive Training Academy

Maverick Diagnostics’ online training from the Automotive Training Academy is a cutting-edge educational resource for modern automotive technicians. Tailored to the evolving needs of the industry, it covers 32 comprehensive topics, from basic mechanics to advanced EV and hybrid technologies. This flexible platform allows technicians to learn at their own pace, with unlimited access to all modules for an affordable annual subscription of £199. It’s an invaluable tool for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in automotive technology, ensuring technicians have a well-rounded understanding of both traditional and futuristic vehicle systems.

website: www.automotivetraining.info

Next Generation Engine Oils

Groundbreaking lubricant manufacturer, MOTUL launched its NGEN – Next Generation – range this year with three new sustainable and resource-saving high-performance engine oils. The range either consists largely of high-quality regenerated oils, which have gone through multiple stages of re-processing/re-refining (NGEN 5 and NGEN 7 for motorbikes) or contain a high proportion of raw materials from renewable resources (NGEN Hybrid for hybrid cars). All offer performance that matches or even betters other products currently on the market. The packaging also contains recycled material. Lubricants & packaging alike are 100% recyclable.

website: www.motul.com

Xperion 6000 Workshop Lights

The Philips Xperion 6000 Workshop light range, from Lumileds, has gathered honours galore since its launch. Further to the 6000 Slim being Auto Express’ Best Buy, in summer the Philips Xperion 6000 Flood series, scooped two 2023 international design awards: The Red Dot and the IF Design Awards.
The range further expanded in 2023 with new Under-Bonnet, Penlight and Head Light added to the hand-heads, floods and flexi-lights – bringing the number of high quality, ultra-tough, performance-leading, professional workshop inspection lights in the range to eleven.

website www.philips.com/Xperion-6000

Pro X Tools

The new range of PRO X electric and cordless tools has been launched by INDASA UK. PRO X has been designed to meet the demanding standards of today’s professional bodyshop. The range includes 2 orbital sanders, an orbital polisher and a cordless SMART repair tool. The tools incorporate smart engineering, ergonomic design features and intuitive controls that put operator efficiency and performance at the forefront of the repair process. The SMART tool utilizes a powerful brushless motor driven by a Lithium 12V battery with regulated speed for sanding and polishing applications.

website: www.indasa-abrasives.com

Rite-Sensor Blue®

RITE-SENSOR BLUE® is a Bluetooth TPMS Replacement Sensor, for EVs like Tesla from Bartec Auto ID Limited. The TECH600 or TECH450 TPMS tools can test which wheel has a faulty sensor (usually due to low battery) and the RITE-SENSOR BLUE® can be installed to replace it, quickly and easily. The tool will also identify the condition of the other sensors on the car enabling the replacement of multiple sensors at one visit. RITE-SENSOR BLUE® is suitable for Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y. RITE-SENSOR BLUE®
has three stem options to meet the various wheel colours: Silver, Black anodized and Graphite.

website: www.bartecautoid.com

8-IN-1 Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner

Cataclean’s new packaging and branding for their 8-in-1 Fuel & exhaust System cleaner, the packaging’s 8-in-1 lozenge emphasises the product’s category-leading cleaning ability to care for the fuel and exhaust system’s 8 key components, from the Fuel Injectors to Catalytic Converter/Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF). Cataclean’s iconic blue and green colourway has been utilised to reinforce the brands green credentials to reduce emissions, improve miles per gallon and restore performance. The refreshed branding reflects Cataclean’s commitment to excellence beyond its formula, with innovative brand-owned co-ex packaging. Cataclean are again demonstrating one of the best performing and looking products in the automotive sphere.

website: www.cataclean.com

Vehicle Care By Assurant

Developed by the RAC’s partner in the aftersales sector, Vehicle Care by Assurant allows dealers to notify their customers about key product information and keep in touch with new offers, as well as creating the opportunity to renew at the end of an existing term. For customers, the app allows claims to be made and status updates to be accessed 24/7, provides help with booking repairs either with the supplying dealer or elsewhere within Assurant’s new national repairer network, and stores essential vehicle documents including MOT certificates to create a convenient single point of reference. Vehicle Care by Assurant is Apple iOS and Android compatible and the same services are also available through a new Vehicle Care by Assurant online portal.

website: www.yourvehiclecare.co.uk

STR1 Green Laser System

In November 2023, Supertracker; the home of straightforward wheel alignment, launched their brand new innovation in laser wheel alignment, with their STR1 green laser system. With a sleek new look to complement any workshop space, the use of green lasers provides improved visibility, precision and clarity of the laser line in a wider range of light conditions. This takes an already popular system and makes it an effective solution for use in track days, race teams, mobile wheel alignment, home car enthusiasts, as well as tyre shops, mot stations, used car centres and even to operators who are colourblind.

website: www.supertracker.com

Modular Trolley

The modular trolley is available with two set-ups and provides technicians with a place to store all their machines and consumables and it can be modified based on the job being performed. The base trolley comes with either drawers or shelves and a new hose arm with two machine hooks. These are easy to attach and adjust depending on the tool hanging from them and the hose arm has been developed to fit two 27mm hoses and one 20mm hose. For additional storage for the modular trolley, users can purchase a range of accessories that seamlessly fit into its modular design.

website: www.mirka.co.uk

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