MAHA UK and David Drinkwater secure fifth 750 Motor Club title

MAHA UK is delighted to announce that David Drinkwater, the reigning 750 Motor Club Hot Hatch champion, has asserted his dominance on the series once more by securing his fifth consecutive championship title.

In a remarkable display of skill, determination and consistency, David secured nine wins out of the 14 races entered, overcoming the challenge of carrying 45kg of ballast throughout the season.

Despite the added weight, which dropped the BMW E36 Compact from 145bhp per tonne to 139 bhp per tonne (145bhp being the Class C limit), David and car worked in perfect harmony, showcasing their prowess and class on the track. The increased weight posed a significant challenge, particularly in straight-line speed, but David used his experience to compensate when braking and precision in cornering.

Winning relationship

The historic partnership between MAHA UK, David, and TWG Automotive owner and BMW specialist, Will Gibson, continues to demonstrate its effectiveness, securing another championship title in the face of formidable competition.

Louis Tunmore, MAHA UK’s dynamometer expert and the architect behind the championship-winning car, commended David’s skill and pace on the track:

“David’s achievement is a testament to his exceptional driving skills, navigating challenges with the added weight to secure yet another title. MAHA UK is proud to be part of this continued success and looks forward to more victories in the future.”

David acknowledged the difficulties posed by the extra weight but expressed gratitude for the collective effort that contributed to a fifth triumph:

“It’s been a challenging year, dealing with the extra weight affecting our straight-line speed. However, both the car and I adjusted accordingly, allowing us to secure the title once again. Huge thanks to everyone involved; winning the championship for the fifth time is truly special.”

MAHA dynamometers trusted by 750 Motor Club

MAHA UK’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the racetrack, with the company’s FPS 2700 dynamometer playing a crucial role in maintaining fairness and safety in the 750 Motor Club series. MAHA UK’s dynamometers uphold rules and regulations related to power-to-weight ratios, classifications, and power caps.

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