Maverick Diagnostics appoints new managing director

Maverick Diagnostics is delighted to announce the appointment of Laura Hall as its new managing director. She takes on the role after the previous incumbent, Andy Brooke, assumed new responsibilities within the group.

With an impressive background, seamless integration into the company and understanding its direction, Laura’s leadership promises to be a catalyst for Maverick Diagnostics’ continued impact in the automotive aftermarket.

Laura’s vision for Maverick Diagnostics is to “solidify its position as a leader in automotive diagnostics and the go-to destination for dealer diagnostics in the automotive aftermarket”.

She said: “My aim is to lead independent workshops in upgrading their diagnostic capabilities and future-proofing their operations. Building on the strong foundations in place, I plan to achieve this by continuously innovating product offerings, expanding into new markets, and enhancing technical support.”

Laura acknowledged the importance of maintaining what has been successful for Maverick Diagnostics, while exploring new opportunities and methods for delivering even better results. That success, of course, is a team effort; it has been spearheaded, however, by outgoing managing director, Andy, whom Laura has the utmost respect for.

She said: “Andy will be on-hand to support me. We have a collaborative working environment, and I look forward to leaning on his experience as we move forward.”

Andy added: “Laura is the ideal person to take on this position. Her leadership and interpersonal skills have been apparent ever since she joined the company, and, with her accrued knowledge of the sector, is well-placed to take Maverick Diagnostics into a new chapter.”

Technological change creates challenges and opportunities

Alluding to the rapid technological diversification in the diagnostics industry and the uncertainty surrounding SERMI, the new managing director confirmed that Maverick Diagnostics will support its customers in staying technologically ahead and will collaborate with organisations, like the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation, to navigate industry changes effectively.

Customer-centric approach

Laura’s immediate priorities include expanding the technical support team to meet the growing demand for dealer tool support subscriptions. This expansion will enhance the customer experience and bolster industry standards in support services. The company, for instance, is investing in technology to optimise software updates for OEM tools.

Laura added: “Maverick Diagnostics will continue to uphold its commitment to customers, clients, and stakeholders. The company intends to maximise face-to-face interactions through its sales team to better understand the unique needs and challenges of its clients.”

Leadership philosophy

To foster employee engagement and development, Laura confirmed that she intends to introduce regular training sessions and workshops through an in-house employee development coach.

She said: “A mentorship programme will also be implemented, pairing less experienced employees with senior team members to promote a culture of continuous learning and development.”

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