Maverick Diagnostics to support AVILOO at BVRLA Industry Outlook Conference

Maverick Diagnostics, the UK distributor of AVILOO, is set to play a pivotal role in supporting the innovative developer of battery diagnostic solutions at the BVRLA Industry Outlook Conference. The event is to take place at the British Motor Museum on Wednesday 6th December.

In a collaborative effort, Andy Brooke, alongside AVILOO Founder, Wolfgang Berger, and Sales Manager, Matthieu Peugeot, will stress the myriad benefits of AVILOO’s first-of-its-kind FLASH test to the esteemed members of BVRLA.

The AVILOO FLASH test provides a comprehensive analysis of a traction battery within an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid while it is stationary. Within just three minutes, it assesses various critical parameters – vehicle communication, battery controller, HV battery state, and battery history – ultimately presenting users with a manufacturer-independent test score ranging from one to 100. This score, along with detailed findings, can be effortlessly communicated to customers through a comprehensive report.

Anticipating the presence of over 150 participants, AVILOO will treat delegates to exclusive content upon visiting its stand, as well as offering branded stationery and delicious cookies. Most importantly, however, Wolfgang will deliver a concise and informal presentation during one of the battery health-related breakout sessions. Following this, he will be available for one-to-one conversations with attendees.

Maverick Diagnostics takes great pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with AVILOO, showcasing unwavering support and belief in the independent battery test designed for EV and plug-in hybrids.

Andy expressed confidence in the significance of Maverick Diagnostics’ support during this event: “The fleet industry is a critical market for us, and with this event taking place in our territory, we believe we can bring substantial value to AVILOO. We aim to highlight the advantages and simplicity of the FLASH test, irrespective of a fleet’s size.”

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics Founder, Wolfgang Berger, added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute our knowledge and insights in battery diagnostics to esteemed companies participating in the conference. Our values align seamlessly with those of the BVRLA, of which we proudly count ourselves as a member. We believe that our EV battery expertise will significantly enhance the industry’s perspective, a focal point of the conference, promoting an electromobility, data driven business and transparency.”

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