Ring’s cordless tyre inflator contending Product of the Year

Premium quality automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, has been selected as a finalist for the IAAF Pride of Aftermarket Product of the Year Awards 2023, with its cordless tyre inflator that was launched earlier this year as the nominated product.

Since hitting the market in March 2023, Ring’s cordless tyre inflator (RTC4000), has been increasing in popularity and has an awards shelf that continues to expand. It has already gained 5 star awards in both Motorcycle News and Ride magazine and received 9/10 from Classic & Sports Car and has even been highly recommended by The Mirror. More recently, it has been a finalist for the IAAF Product of the Year Awards, a prestigious awards in the aftermarket that many covet.

These awards are voted for by the public here: https://www.iaaf.co.uk/news/iaaf-pride-of-aftermarket-product-of-the-year-awards-2023/

The RTC4000 was launched to fill a gap in the market for a compact, yet powerful and high quality cordless tyre inflator for cars and motorbikes.

The RTC4000 is easily chargeable via a USB Type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat, making this product an easy sell for retailers and reassures drivers if they go back to their vehicle and the tyre is flat, there’s an easy solution.

To help drivers save time, this tyre inflator also has a memory function, so the user can save different tyre pressures and activate them easily from the home screen, and it also has an auto-stop feature so there’s no risk of over inflating the tyre, which can be as dangerous as an under inflated tyre.

Naturally, tools such as these need to be as convenient as possible, and as space can be limited in cars, and especially with motorbikes, Ring has ensured that this tyre inflator is as compact as it can be, which also means it’s light, so it’s easy to move around the vehicle and top up the tyres. Additionally, there are multiple LED lights on the tool, so inflating tyres can be done at any time.

Marketing Director for Ring, Henry Bisson, commented: “We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for the IAAF’s Product of the Year Award, it’s an incredible honour and we’re all crossing our fingers for the win! The RTC4000 has been incredibly popular with not only the aftermarket, but with consumers, which is very important to us because we want more drivers to be aware of tyre safety and inflating their tyres is such an important task to do to keep tyres in optimum condition.”

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