Transport Committee launches probe into self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles have been attracting an increasing level of interest from both business and the public recently, and their development is now attracting the attention of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.

The Committee is particularly interested in receiving written evidence on the likely use of the technology with commercial vehicles, as well as with private cars and public transport. They will also be seeking evidence of how research and trials in the UK and overseas are progressing. The potential implications for infrastructure, both physical and digital, will be explored, along with safety and the perception of safety, including the relationship with other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and conventionally driven vehicles.

The role of government and other responsible bodies, such as National Highways and local authorities, will also be examined, along with potential effects on patterns of car ownership, vehicle taxation and decarbonisation in the car market. The probe has been launched of the wake of a Law Commission paper seeking views on regulating self-driving vehicles on public roads.

Phil Lloyd, Head of Engineering Policy, Logistics UK, said: “Self-driving vehicles have the potential to revolutionise the road freight sector in the medium to long term, and Logistics UK’s policy team has been increasingly active in this space in recent months, through its work with Zenzic, CCAV and other key stakeholders. Following consultation with our members, we will be making a full and detailed response to the Transport Committee’s inquiry ahead of the deadline on 22 August 2022.”

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