Women Automotive Network ‘leads the way’ with upcoming interviews

An impressive line-up of upcoming Leadership Interviews has been announced from Women Automotive Network including Jaclyn McQuaid, President and Managing Director, General Motors Europe, Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, and Chris Feuell, CEO of Chrysler Brand, Stellantis.

As the Network continues on its mission to work collaboratively with members to inform and liaise on hot topics, the monthly sessions see the network welcome a well-known host from the industry, who sits down with other leaders to discuss in detail key topics relevant to the automotive sector.

The team also welcomes people who have ‘unique’ stories that the network would benefit from hearing.
Next in the calendar will see host, Andy Follows, owner of boutique automotive consultancy Aquilae, explore ‘How can established companies operate like a start-up?’, with McQuaid from General Motors Europe.

Taking place on November 16th at 2pm – 2.45pm, McQuaid will discuss how she is helping to lead General Motor’s entry into Europe as a nontraditional mobility start-up business, leveraging their global growth investments in the electric vehicle space, to disrupt traditional business models and transform the experience of customers.

McQuaid will delve into why an established company may want to operate more like a start-up, the positive behaviours associated with start-ups, and behaviours she recommends adopting, and the consequences associated with struggling to retain or adopt these behaviours.

Other topics set to be explored will be what typically prevents an established company from operating like start-up, how can we overcome the forces protecting the status quo in established companies, the role company culture plays in developing and reinforcing these desirable behaviours, and the role systems and structures play in operating like a start-up.

Finally, attendees will also receive an insight into how to create an environment that supports operating like a start-up and the steps that can be taken towards embedding desirable start-up behaviours in our established company.

Following on from this will be host Micha Goebig, founder and CEO of Go Big Coaching and Communications, USA, who will interview Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, on 12th December at 1pm. The topic of the conversation will be ‘My automotive career and advice.’

As well discussing her own experiences as a woman in the automotive industry, Jackson will explore key relationships with customers, the importance of sustainability as a business, and how the unprecedented migration in the global employment market has affected Jackson personally, as well as the wider business.

Next up will be George Ayres, managing director of AutoMobility Advisors, who will host Chris Feuell, CEO of Chrysler Brand, Stellantis, on January 17th at 3pm, discussing ‘Marketing to women and marketing yourself.’

Fuell will focus on marketing to women buyers and their unique needs, offering insight from her first-hand experience as a woman buyer, as well as sharing her experience about the progress of women in the automotive industry.

All are available via Women Automotive Network’s LinkedIn page, via the Upcoming Events section, with the page being update regularly with new, upcoming interviews.

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