Women Automotive Summit returns with record attendance

The 2023 Women Automotive Summit, hosted by Women Automotive Network, has been deemed a resounding success, with the Network registering a record number of attendees at its first in-person event since 2019.

With 350+ visitors, nearly 800 online attendees and 31 speakers, the Summit welcomed a vast array of automotive professionals, all of whom flocked through the doors in their numbers to embrace the unique opportunity to meet the next generation of leaders and network with current industry role models.

Held on 20th September at Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg, Germany, the event celebrated the benefits of adopting a diverse workforce, with an esteemed list of industry professionals sharing key insights and advice with the fully engaged audience.

Attendees were offered a unique experience, with the Summit holding their attention with a number of different talks and activities throughout the day, including informative talks from well-known industry names, regular networking opportunities, on-stage interviews, engaging panels and a grand total of 13 breakout workshops, with visitors able to choose to attend sessions focusing on their preferred topic.

Caroline Trudeau, Senior Industry Advisor Chairperson & Host got the show on the road before Domiziano Pontone of Gi Group Holding shared exclusive insights from a comprehensive, forthcoming report developed by the company in collaboration with Italy’s largest technology university Politecnico di Milano, highlighting the importance of embracing women in order to maximise upcoming opportunities brought about by changing trends and technologies.

Kirsty Skinner-Gerth of BMW then covered ‘The Power of Digitalisation’, discussing how connected vehicles can help drivers to feel more reassured, while also revealing BMW’s plans to revolutionise vehicles and transform them into a ‘digital companion.’

Thilo Koslowski, Strategic Advisor, Board Member, Founder & former CEO Porsche Digital and Nicole Scott, ‘Producer at Beyond Innovation’ Airing on Bloomberg TV Globally, then took to the stage for an on-stage interview, again looking at new technologies and the exciting prospects in store for those in the industry.

Next up was Marie-Fleur Revel, Managing Director of XL2 GmbH by Audi & Capgemini, with her talk ‘There’s never been a better time to be a woman in automotive,’ giving key tips to women looking to progress in the industry, telling them: “Find your own leadership style and go for it, and even if it’s outside the box, that’s a good thing. It’s an enrichment for your company.”

Other popular topics discussed included ‘Shaping a New Era of Mobility. Together’ from Nina Roeck of Bosch and a talk on ‘Charisma – Myths and Realities’ by the FLEX team.

Key highlights also included an on-stage interview with Andrea Seidel, Director IT Infrastructure, Member of the Supervisory Board from Daimler Truck AG and Micha Goebig from GO BIG Coaching & Communication.

There was also a segment from Patricia Bernstein Vice President Development Workshops, Porsche AG who inspired attendees by sharing her personal experience on navigating the hard times in business and using them to your advantage, advising: “Show grit! This means sticking to things until you master them – don’t give up! Stay curious and enjoy learning, as if you lean into novelty and leave your comfort zone, you will increase your ability to understand that different situations enable different skills to develop. Think big, as things get small anyway!”

Finally, Trudeau hosted the closing Panel Discussion on ‘What Makes a Good Leader?’, before the day drew to a close with the first-ever Women Automotive Awards, featuring an esteemed list of professionals being recognised for their remarkable achievements and contributions within the automotive sector.

Stephanie May, Commercial Director of Women Automotive Network, said: “Wow – what an incredible day it’s been! We could never have anticipated the amazing turnout and response that we’ve received for the first in-person Summit in four years!

“It’s been an absolute honour to welcome each and every one of the attendees and speakers, and it is so humbling to hear such positive feedback and conversations throughout the day. A huge thank you to all involved for contributing to such a fantastic Women Automotive Summit!”

Women Automotive Network aims to bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and aspiring professionals, and provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

More information on upcoming events from Women Automotive Network will be released in due course, but those interested are encouraged to keep up to date here.

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