Easy2Recruit offers new solution to staff problems

Easy2Recruit, the agency helping UK garages hire overseas talent, expects to place its first technicians ‘before the end of the year’ having launched to the trade just a few months earlier at Automechanika Birmingham in June.

The boutique recruitment specialist is promising a new solution to the old and growing problem of filling skills gaps. Most garage owners will need no reminding that finding and retaining qualified staff is amongst the most urgent challenges the industry faces.

Easy2Recruit was founded by garage owner Ambi Singh who’d experienced these issues first-hand, before striking upon the novel solution of overseas hiring. The process involves applying for a licence to recruit, before going on to offer the role and select a candidate.

“Our aim is simply to connect automotive businesses with certified overseas technicians,” said Ambi Singh, CEO of Easy2Recruit. “We can help manage the entire hiring and immigration process to simplify everything from sourcing suitable candidates through to facilitating visa applications and relocations.”

Easy2Recruit emphasises that the processes are transparent. Garages are never ‘tied in’ to using them and the Home Office documentation is available for anyone to access online.

“We’re just there to help garages more easily navigate what will be an unfamiliar process,” said Ambi. “We appreciate people may be wary but our message is that we can source top quality vehicle manufacturer-trained technicians at extremely keen rates.”

The benefits for employers go beyond big savings on salary costs. High skills levels are more readily available and those looking to move can be expected to bring not only a strong work ethic but also long-term commitment.

Easy2Recruit partners with several overseas recruitment specialists to find global talent looking to relocate. Retention is expected to be high; the ‘Skilled Worker’ visa requires an ‘eligible job with an approved employer.’ To later change job or employer, technicians must also apply to update their visa.

“These aren’t new processes,” said Ambi. “They’ve been designed to fill labour skills shortages and already used to recruit doctors, nurses, teachers, IT experts and more – now we’re focusing on vehicle technicians.”

Easy2Recuit encourages curious garages to enquire from the website at https://www.easy2recruit.co.uk/about.

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