NEVs present opportunities, says Nissens

As more new energy vehicles (NEVs), which include hybrid and electric vehicles, take to the roads, more will come to independents for routine service, maintenance or repair, so workshops need to have access to high quality replacement parts and the technicians undertaking this work geared up to complete it successfully.

Using the thermal system as an example, many of these NEVs rely on a heat pump solution, which is an advanced system compared to a standard air conditioning (AC) loop. Unlike the AC in a conventional vehicle, the heat pump-based system is capable of both heating and cooling. It also manages the temperature of the vehicle’s electric motor, battery pack and power electronics. In fact, the system functions as the vehicle’s thermal management system and helps the car conserve battery life and extend its total range.

As ongoing component electrification transforms the shape of the independent aftermarket, Nissens Automotive (Nissens) is staying ahead of the trend and introducing entirely new system designs that will provide solutions to address new vehicle technologies. Thermal management systems are undergoing the fastest change and these complex systems will remain critical to NEVs.

With decades of aftermarket expertise, Nissens has developed a comprehensive thermal management range that consists of engine cooling products, alongside its highly regarded AC programme, all of which are manufactured to Nissens Genuine Quality standards, to provide independent workshops with premium grade replacement parts, which operate to the same performance levels as the original, giving them an aftermarket solution they can depend on.

These product extensions confirm the premium quality component manufacturer’s strong commitment to support independents by supplying them with the replacement products they need, including for the growing number of NEVs that are entering the workshop.

The company’s range of thermal system components for NEVs consists of more than 700 items and caters for in excess of 3,000 OE part numbers. As always, these products come with the company’s established support services, which include detailed resources outlining new vehicle systems, as well as dedicated technical training programmes.

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