Technicians – the evolution to up-skilling diagnosis knowledge naturally

In the fast-evolving world of automotive technology, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for businesses and individuals alike. One company that has been leading the charge in this aspect is Opus IVS, with its ground breaking IVS 360 TM service system.

Opus IVS not only offers elite level diagnostic solutions, but also provides remote live support, mimicking an in-person experience for customers. This innovative approach ensures that automotive servicing and repair needs are addressed promptly, no matter the location.

At the heart of IVS 360 TM are the highly skilled experts dedicated to specific automotive brands.
These professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that any diagnostic, programming, or repair needs are met with precision and efficiency. With years of service under their belts, these brand-specific technicians are equipped to tackle even the most complex automotive issues.

The success of IVS 360 TM speaks volumes, with an impressive 163,928 customer requests created and resolved in 2023. This high success rate is a testament to the expertise and commitment of the IVS 360 TM team, especially the dedicated Master Technicians who handle brand-specific queries day in and day out.

Moreover, IVS 360 TM doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the brands it caters to. With OE-specific Master Technicians available for a wide range of major vehicle brands, customers can rest assured that their automotive needs will be met comprehensively.

The positive feedback from customers further underscores the effectiveness of IVS 360 TM . Jack Richards from Millers Garage praised the service for not only fixing faults but also enhancing product knowledge and understanding, highlighting the holistic support provided by IVS 360 TM.“ This is truly a great service delivered by some of the most passionate master technicians that not only help you to fix a stubborn faults, but in fact massively improve your product knowledge and general understanding at the same time.” Jack Richards, Millers Garage

Tony Gill, Opus IVS Customer Support Manager UK/RoW believes that customers using IVS 360 TM are learning and up-skilling their knowledge when using the service. “Customers often call for support on complex cases and our technicians support them. Feedback later on down the line indicates that these customers have used that knowledge again on reoccurring cases, showing us that technicians are up-skilling naturally with the use of IVS 360 TM .” Says Tony.

As automotive technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, having reliable diagnostic support is crucial. IVS 360 TM from Opus IVS sets a new standard in the industry, seamlessly blending expertise, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

For all your automotive diagnostic needs, IVS 360 TM stands as a beacon of excellence in the
ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Workshop owners can discover more about IVS 360 TM and Opus’ leading diagnostic platforms at MECHANEX Harrogate stand EE50. Event info:

Opus IVS supports thousands of technicians and workshop owners with OEM brand-specific diagnostic support.

From symptom driven advice through to complex repair guidance, Opus IVS provides the knowledge and expertise to get from fault diagnosis to successful repair

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