Tiana’s journey and Maverick Diagnostics’ commitment to industry’s future

A participant of the latest Automotive Training Academy (ATA) course has encouraged fellow industry professionals “to grab the opportunities when they’re presented” to ensure the industry stays ahead of evolving technologies and best practice procedures.

Tiana Fear of K Motors recently attended a Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Diagnostic Tool training course. She was one of approximately 10 participants that enjoyed two days at the IMI-accredited training facility in Wrexham, which boasts a partnership with Maverick Diagnostics.

The course

The JLR dealer diagnostic tool training course provides hands-on instruction in ATA’s classroom and workshop, focusing on using JLR tools effectively.

The curriculum covers TOPix access, program selection, diagnostic procedures, symptom selection and navigation, warning lamp selection, diagnosis of DTCs, vehicle specifications, data logging, oscilloscope basics, car configuration files, health checks, vehicle networking, and TOPIx Cloud.

Reflecting on why she signed-up, Tiana said: “Every day is a challenge; I never know what vehicle is going to arrive in the workshop, nor the issue that I’m about to encounter, and with vehicle technology evolving, I need to ensure my skills continues to evolve too.

“Being young, my company is keen on retaining me and is actively supporting my pursuit of knowledge. Hybrids and EVs, for example, are specific areas where I want to bolster my knowledge and skills. I foresee a significant surge in demand for expertise in these domains as the market evolves and these technologies become more prevalent.

“I believe there is a substantial gap in understanding between traditional vehicle mechanics and electrical systems. Bridging this knowledge divide is crucial, and I am eager to contribute to this field.

“I really enjoyed the two-day course – I don’t believe people can ever learn enough!”

Tiana’s story

Tiana’s journey into the sector wasn’t just a career choice; it was – and continues to be – her passion. It was a legacy passed down from her father.

Tiana reminisced: “It was a passion of my dad’s. He loves his cars, particularly motorsport, and that enthusiasm ignited my own interest. I love fault-finding; it keeps me active and gives me immense satisfaction when I’ve found a solution to a problem. It’s a difficult but incredibly rewarding job.”

From tinkering in her father’s garage to racing motorbikes and rebuilding engines, Tiana’s love for automotive and motorsport, in particular, was evident early on: after completing two years of full-time college, she dived headfirst into a three-year apprenticeship, thirsty for real-world experience and in-depth, on-the-job training.

Tiana recalled: “I applied to a motorsport garage, which took me on, and the team there provided me with in-depth training and that’s continued as I’ve progressed – I just want to keep learning and not fall behind.”

Beating the stereotypes

Asked if she felt she was inspiring colleagues or friends around her, Tiana replied: “I am inspired to beat the stereotypes; it’s about proving myself and pushing the boundaries. There’s no limit to what I can achieve if I push myself.

“Last year, I ran my own motorsport team, overseeing every aspect. Competing in the Civic Cup, I stood as the sole female presence. Not only did I navigate the challenges of racing, but I was the team’s sole mechanic, orchestrating setup and fine-tuning the car. I dedicated my weekends and evenings to perfecting our performance.

“I admit that the recognition that followed was gratifying, with many congratulating me and telling me they want to take-up mechanics.”


Maverick Diagnostics Managing Director, Laura Hall, said: “Through our partnership with ATA, we’re committed to investing in professionals, like Tiana, to ensure they embrace evolving automotive technologies.

“Tiana is a superstar; her dedication to continuous learning reflects the spirit of innovation that is required to protect and drive our industry forward.”

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