workshop unlocks full potential of ALLDATA Repair after expert training

Maverick Diagnostics is delighted to announce the appointment of two business development managers, citing the need to offer workshops even more support as vehicle technology continues to become more sophisticated and the need to give them a competitive advantage.

An independent workshop owner has described ALLDATA Europe’s training as the “catalyst” for maximising the potential and strengths of ALLDATA Repair.

Oldfields Garage enrolled onto ALLDATA Repair in November 2022, after its owner, Tim Benson, was impressed by its capabilities during a visit to the original repair data provider’s stand at MECHANEX.

Upon installation of the software and being granted time to “get used to the program”, Eric Ware, one of ALLDATA Europe’s regional sales managers, travelled to Herefordshire to conduct a training session with Tim and his four members of staff – an automatic and complimentary offering with every ALLDATA Repair subscription.

Eric revealed how ALLDATA Europe always takes a customer-centric approach to onboarding: “Upon a customer signing-up, we will contact that person quickly. We do that so we can understand their needs and comfort levels, to ascertain whether they would prefer us to come in straight away and conduct training or wait a few weeks while they get used to the platform.

“Usually, it’s the latter, as they’ll have had time to find their feet, apply ALLDATA Repair in the real-world, and be ready to ask specific questions. Ultimately, though, it’s down to the customer.

“Training is flexible too; we don’t have a rigid system. Training methods and direction are decided by many factors, such as workshop specialism, technician experience and preferences, so we must be prepared for every eventuality.”

As ALLDATA Repair information mirrors that of VMs, with a library of 79 million documents spread out in five languages, ALLDATA Europe acknowledges that it can take time to adapt to each VM system and layout. However, training delivered by ALLDATA Europe’s experts will help unlock best practice: “Training is a significant part of that understanding and processing period,” disclosed Eric.

“The primary use of our software is diagnostics – mostly wiring diagrams – and they vary between VMs. I will show how a wiring diagram links to connectors and how to navigate the ‘search’ function to locate torque settings, for example – these are all methods that will enhance the user experience. With the correct guidance, subscribers should benefit from ALLDATA Repair’s strengths.

“Ultimately, we want our customers to feel comfortable using ALLDATA Repair. Like most things, the more someone uses it, the easier it’ll be for them – but we’re always available should extra training be required or if customers have any questions later. Training is never complete; even at ALLDATA Europe, we’re still learning!”

Training recipient, Tim, declared that his four members of staff, including an apprentice, felt assured and buoyant after their session. Finding the exact information was now easier, he said, and the team can now utilise ALLDATA Repair for more “investigation-type jobs”.

He continued: “From our perspective, the training Eric delivered enabled us to apply ALLDATA Repair quicker, which, given the workload and pressure associated with getting vehicles back out on the road, is essential. The training was the catalyst for a surge in use and activity. For me, it was objective complete.”

With the ALLDATA Repair portal, technicians have access to 33 VMs and 96,100 unique vehicle combinations, equating to 95% of vehicles on the road today. ALLDATA Repair also possesses a library of seven million technical drawings and wiring diagrams, including electrical connector views.

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