Introducing Nexus Point

Nexus Point build market-leading software for the automotive sector. They create platforms and products for the UK’s most ambitious automotive dealerships, bringing together design, engineering and behavioural science to help make brands more efficient, effective and creative.

Naturally, when AutoScene became aware of Nexus Points suite of services, we wanted to find out more. Step in Sales Director, Ross Giblin. With years of industry experience and a passion for innovation, Ross walks us through the Nexus Point offering.

When did you join Nexus Point and what experience have you brought with you?

I joined Nexus Point in early October. My background is entirely Automotive, primarily within Advertising & Media. I have worked with a range of dealerships and dealer groups over 20+ years to drive performance within their businesses.

What is your role within the company?

My role at Nexus Point is Sales Director.

How have you settled into the role and what have you learned so far?

I have spent a lot of time getting to know our team and the fantastic range of products that we offer customers here at Nexus Point. The Apex platform incorporating dealer websites, CRM and DMS is superb and extremely user friendly. Working with our current customers, I’ve learned that the systems have increased our dealers efficiencies and the staff are pleased with the improvements on their previous providers.

Can you tell me about Nexus Point and who your target customers are?

Nexus Point are an automotive software company, specialising in dealer systems and websites. Our ethos is to provide dealers with efficient systems to improve their processes. As an example, our Apex suite of products has been evolved with the ‘One Login, One Solution’ mindset. We know the challenges that dealers face with multiple systems and multiple log-ins – we’re here to make that easier.

What differentiates you from other DMS/CRM providers?

One Login, One Solution. Our software has been built to provide seamless integration between the integral systems that dealers use everyday.

As an example, a dealer can buy a vehicle using our DMS system, list the vehicle across their website and integrated third parties, handle enquiries and stack deals through our CRM system – all in one place. All reporting is also integrated through our KPI solution including financial reports and sales performance reports.

How long does it take to get set up with a Nexus Point website for new customers?

This entirely depends on the needs of our clients and can range from one week to four months. We believe that it is worth spending the right amount of time on the design and user experience to get the best commercial result for our clients.

Can you tell me about any recent development to your product?

Our most recent development is our full integrated e-commerce solution. We will shortly be releasing an open banking payment option, reducing costs to our dealers and minimising transaction fraud.

How does it connect with 3rd parties? Can I control everything from my Nexus Point portal?

At Nexus Point, we are agnostic to third parties and are happy to integrate with anyone based on our clients requirements. All third party integrations can be controlled via the Nexus Point platform

In a digital world where customers expect to buy everything online, how have you evolved? Can you show finance quotes or leave a deposit for a vehicle on a Nexus Point website?

Absolutely! Our platform can facilitate this and much more, including part exchange valuations and a full deal stacking check out solution.

Whilst Nexus Point software is undoubtedly impressive, we wanted to go a little further, so we talked with Ben Mills, a Digital marketing specialist over at of Fords of Winsford (FOW). FOW have been using for several years, with Ben being particularly well placed to offer his hands on feedback of working with Nexus Point.

Can you briefly tell me the profile of your dealership?

Fords of Winsford (FOW) is the UK’s original Car Supermarket established in 1959. With over 60 years of automotive retailing, we have been and continue to be a family business with two convenient locations across the North West in Winsford, Cheshire and Trafford, Manchester.

How long have you been a customer of Nexus Point?

FOW partnered with Nexus Point in 2014 with the sole intention to develop our digital presence.

How has the experience been so far?

Working closely with Nexus Point has proved invaluable as we focus our strategy towards digital. The team are receptive to product development requests whilst communicating all updates in a timely and efficient manner. From a personal perspective, it’s great to have Nexus Point on our doorstep to facilitate face to face discussions, the same can be said for conference calls which we hold each week to discuss website development and new opportunities.

What key features have been beneficial to your business?

Enjoying such a close working relationship alongside key communication channels is hugely beneficial for FOW. It’s great to hold ad-hoc discussions around business opportunities for FOW and how Nexus Point Apex software can be optimised for both our team and customer experience. Apex software offers a complete solution for our sales, workshop and marketing operations with the newly developed DMS, CRM, CMS and KPI products proving pivotal towards our current and future ambitions.

Using Nexus Point Apex software allows FOW to anticipate and react to industry changes. The CMS hands over control to our editorial team to upload and create timely SEO content alongside our PPC strategy to drive traffic to our website. The introduction of the CRM product has had a more profound effect on the business, cascading from our lead management team, sales and workshop to the preparation team. Much of the process is automated with an integrated calendar system allowing the team to focus on what matters – the customer. Our Marketing team can now measure true attribution across all platforms – identifying product efficiency, lead volume and cost per sale.

How does the “One Login, One Solution” help your business?

The Apex “One Login, One Solution” platform is a must have for FOW. Having all aspects of the system in one place provides the flexibility to access multiple areas of the business quickly and easily. Apex Nexus Point software is visually stunning with beautiful colour keyed areas signalling which area of the system you are accessing. Alongside this is a shortcut bar, accessible from anywhere in the system to provide full access to any aspect of the software quickly and easily.

The biggest benefit for FOW is the personalised options available to each user. Every user has their own, individual dashboard with the flexibility to display personalised KPI’s, in addition, the homepage displays all important Apex software releases, automotive industry news and FOW procedural updates.

Would you recommend Nexus Point to others in the industry?

Absolutely! Having formed a strong working relationship has proved to be invaluable as the industry transitions towards a digital mindset. Nexus Point share this passion and are always available to discuss new opportunities and work towards an award winning strategy.

We enjoy a personable and friendly service with Nexus Point. This high level of service allows FOW to focus on the customer experience and maximise ROI.

To find out more about Nexus Point and how they may be able to help your business, click here.

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