Ivor Searle advises on how to identify and resolve DPF problems

Leading Remanufacturer Ivor Searle Joins Us To Advise On The Common Problem Of Blocked Diesel Particulate Filters In Diesel Vehicles.

How do I identify when the DPF needs to be and cleaned?

Vehicles suffering with a blocked diesel particulate filters (DPF) have become a common problem, the first indications of which include the DPF warning light being illuminated in the instrument cluster, or a lack of power. If the DPF light comes on, it means that the DPF has become blocked beyond the point at which it can be regenerated. Blocked DPFs are primarily caused by soot and ash deposits building up in the unit over time, preventing the conditions required to produce the high exhaust gas temperature of around 650 degrees Celsius needed for on vehicle regeneration.

Workshops and their customers faced with a blocked DPF effectively have three options: Purchasing a costly brand new OEM unit, buying a cheaper generic aftermarket replacement with potential risk of fitment and performance problems, or by taking the most cost-effective route of removing the original DPF for professional cleaning with the reassurance that the OEM component can be easily reinstalled back onto the vehicle.

What process do you use to clean the DPF?

Ivor Searle uses state-of-the-art Flash Cleaning technology for DPF cleaning. Utilising an environmentally-friendly water-based process, Flash Cleaning delivers as new levels of cleanliness by removing all soot deposits, including PM10 particles, cerium oxide deposits and oil residues, from the DPF. Unlike chemical-based DPF cleaning processes, which only remove soot, Flash Cleaning eliminates both soot and ash deposits. This returns a DPF back to OE levels of performance.

How long does it take to complete?

A fast turnaround DPF cleaning service is provided by Ivor Searle which takes around 72 hours from removal of the unit from the vehicle, collection, cleaning and return to the workshop for reinstallation. Ivor Searle has also introduced ‘off the shelf‘ DPFs for a number of high demand Ford Transit applications. Available for free next day delivery if ordered before 3.30pm, the new exchange-based programme provides workshops with a professionally cleaned and ready to install replacement OEM unit to minimise vehicle downtime.

What are the savings compared to replacing it?

Removing the blocked OEM DPF from the vehicle and getting it professionally cleaned costs significantly less than purchasing a brand new OEM or aftermarket unit. Remanufacturing the original DPF also offers workshops a more sustainable solution, as professional cleaning conserves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and avoids waste to landfill.

How do customers book the service and get the DPF to you?

Arranging DPF cleaning is a simple and straightforward process and can booked via www.ivorsearle.co.uk or calling 01353 720531 for a quote. Ivor Searle provides DPF cleaning for cars and light vans and all units include an inspection report, plus a 12-month no quibble unlimited mileage warranty.

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