Basic skills increasingly rare among drivers study finds

Garages are more needed than ever by motorists, with 38% of road users admitting they couldn’t change a tyre in an emergency, a new survey has shown.

The survey from ClickMechanic, also found that 24% do not know how to jump-start a car.
More positively, 96% said they can replenish their screenwash, while 90% believe they can top up engine oil. 80% said they can swap out windscreen wipers.

Commenting on the findings, ClickMechanic co-founder Andrew Jervis said: “The way we care for our cars has changed. There are more people on the roads, our cars are more intelligent and can tell us when something is wrong, and there is new technology to help us resolve problems.

He added: “Our vehicles might be smarter and stronger than ever before, but there is still no substitute for having the know-how to deal with an emergency. As more people are on the road, the marketplace for car repairs and other related services continues to grow, meaning motorists are not as reliant on using their own skills to fix problems.”

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