Can you afford not to keep up with changes in the MOT industry?

Future trends you must know about to protect your business.

We are living in an era of rapid change. Accelerated technological advancements are changing the vehicles we are required to MOT, the equipment we’ll need to do that, the monitoring of the MOT scheme, and how best to fulfil our compliance obligations. Combined with unprecedented changes to the MOT demand curve resulting from the Covid-19 MOT extension, you wouldn’t be at fault for feeling like you’re stuck in a high-speed car chase between business needs and business resources and provision.

The top priority for an MOT scheme business must be meeting the ever-changing DVSA compliance obligations. This ensures safety from penalisation or disqualification from the scheme. As DVSA monitoring becomes more automated, targeted and streamlined, there is a gradual and notable shift toward transferring all compliance responsibility to SMs and those higher up the chain of command. This hierarchical structure for compliance responsibility significantly simplifies the involvement from a DVSA perspective, although it increases management challenges within the business.

In these modern times of rapid change, enlisting the vital services of a cutting-edge, comprehensive compliance and training platform is helpful and reassuring. And when it comes to this, industry leaders MOT Juice has your back. MOT Juice, compliance and training specialists, have a proven track record of responding quickly to industry changes as they are happening. As the only fully comprehensive compliance suite on the market, the MOT Juice platform meets and exceeds all your training and compliance requirements in one easy-to-use and intelligently curated platform.

The MOT Juice system encourages employees at all levels of your business to take appropriate responsibility for their compliance obligations whilst providing quick and comprehensive oversight on individual and departmental compliance status to those higher up the chain. Visual KPIs help you to spot who is fulfilling their obligations promptly and who needs more support in this area, where you have compliance holes and key stats which might be flagged by the DVSA monitoring system, always keeping you one step ahead of the DVSA. The MOT Juice metrics help you optimise your MOT operations by analysing team efficiency, identifying areas for improvement in testing outcomes and using data-driven
intelligence to increase profit opportunities.

One key area of compliance is training. Not only for Testers but with evolving DVSA regulations, also soon to be for your senior management team. As one of the only fully online training providers, MOT Juice is also one step ahead of the curve in this area. The off- site training model is antiquated. The cost of travel; hospitality expenses; the course itself; and lost billable hours (particularly during the busiest season leading up to the annual assessment deadline), all negatively impact your business. Thankfully, MOT Juice provides a modern-day solution to your training needs.

MOT Juice focuses on streamlining your training and compliance with bite-sized, self-paced e-learning tailored to suit modern-day learning habits. They provide training for staff at all levels, which can be consumed on any device, anywhere, anytime. Convenient training, easily absorbed into the workday with zero impact on those crucial billable hours. The MOT Juice free mock exam platform is the industry favoured method for preparing for the annual assessment by covering past questions and building confidence ahead of the yearly exam. And the MOT Juice CPD keeps your employees’ skills on-point with real-life scenarios to meet and exceed DVSA obligations for ongoing training (as detailed in Section E3 of the Testing Guide) with a minimal time commitment of only 15 minutes per month.

This illustrative breakdown of expenses incurred during off-site training shows us the true costs of that antiquated method of meeting training obligations:
Course = £90
Travel = £60
Lost billable hours x 8 £640
True total cost of training day approx. £790

The MOT Juice compliance and training suite is competitively priced, easy to use and specifically designed to meet your business needs. MOT Juice offer unlimited support, FREE training material and mock exams, as well as a 30-day free trial of the full MOT compliance package. Protect the future of your business with MOT Juice now.

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