Comline EV steering and suspension range evolves

Comline Auto Parts is developing its steering and suspension range for alternatively fuelled vehicles apace – perfectly illustrated by two new vehicle spotlights that focus on the Volkswagen ID3 and Hyundai Ioniq.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, more than a quarter of a million new BEVs were sold last year, with only petrol-powered models proving more popular. As technicians begin to receive more EVs into their workshops, Comline is keen to stress that it has the components to bolster confidence and peace of mind when repairing or servicing these vehicles.

On the popular Volkswagen ID3, for example, it now supplies the ball joint (CBJ7323), stabiliser links (CSL5150 and CSL6150), rack end (CTR3465) and tie rod end (CTRE4053). Meanwhile, the award-winning brand also offers quality replacement parts for the Hyundai Ioniq, namely control arms (CCA1455L and CCA2455R), a rod/strut stabiliser (CSL7264), stabiliser link (CSL7353), tie rod axle joint (CTR3332) and tie rod ends (CTRE1208 and CTRE2208).

Change suspension components in pairs!

The rule for replacing suspension parts in pairs remains the same – whether it’s an EV or vehicle with an ICE! Fitting new parts on one side and keeping existing components on the other is likely to cause premature failure, affect geometry of the vehicle, as well as its handling and instability. It is also likely to increase the potential of a road traffic incident.

The RAC, citing DVSA data, claimed that suspension defects account for more than one in 10 MOT failures – the second most popular failure behind lighting and signalling. Therefore, Comline believes it is best practice to give particular attention to suspension components during servicing – especially given the safety critical nature of these components and the potential implications of their failure.

Why choose Comline steering and suspension?

Rigorously scrutinised for full tension, lifetime performance, compression and hardness, welding penetration, as well as salt spray and mud tested, Comline leaves distributors and technicians in no doubt that it is an ideal partner when it comes to steering and suspension.

Furthermore, as a Premier Data Supplier, Comline can be relied upon to deliver the ‘gold standard’ for its 14,000 part number portfolio, which includes, not only steering and suspension, but filtration and braking too.

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