Customer loyalty to a garage based on value and location

Value for money and location are the two primary factors that will lead customers to remain loyal to a particular garage, a new OnePoll survey of 1,000 drivers conducted for Castrol has suggested.

45% of those surveyed said that the work being carried out representing ‘good value’ was most important element, but just 11% said they would stay with a garage because it is the cheapest. 42% then said they would keep using a workshop that is ‘convenient (i.e. close to home or work)’.

Meanwhile, 40% said staff being ‘well trained’, was important, with 39% being likely to stick with a workshop if staff always ‘explain clearly the work they need to do and seek approval before carrying it out’. 39% stick around if staff are ‘friendly’.

67% said they would travel up to 10 miles from home to access a garage that met their needs, while 21% would travel up to 15 miles. Only 8% would go up to 20 miles.Lastly, just 14% would stay with a garage because a courtesy car was routinely provided.

Commenting on the survey, Layla Yebaile, Service and Maintenance Marketing Lead at Castrol Europe said: “Perhaps the most significant thing that this research highlights is the importance of effective customer communication. It’s clear that motorists will keep using a workshop that explains what work is required and how that work represents good value. We also know that communication is essential for unlocking additional profit opportunities – customers will pay workshops for premium products where the benefits are explained.

“That is why we put so much effort into helping Castrol Branded Workshops present their business in an effective way, so they can drive revenue growth today and safeguard customer retention into the future.”

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