DENSO inspires with new TT Spark Plug video

Showcasing its hybrid racing and original equipment (OE) pedigree, DENSO uses the video to shine a light on its high output and peak performance TT Spark Plug technology, and explains why it makes such a great aftermarket solution

DENSO has an impressive motorsport heritage and reflecting the pioneering technology it has developed in its racing programmes, alongside the OE products it supplies to vehicle manufacturers globally, the production highlights how the company has transferred these performance benefits to road cars and made it available to motorists across Europe.

Capturing the essence of the technological developments, DENSO’s European Product Manager Spark Plugs, Gilbert Couvert, explains how the TT Spark Plug’s revolutionary design enhances engine performance, significantly improving both fuel efficiency and responsiveness. However, it also describes how it assists in resolving issues such as difficult starting, idling and misfiring problems.

To find the correct TT Spark Plugs for any vehicle application, visit the DENSO web catalogue: DENSO web catalogue.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at:

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