EEC: Continuing the mission against emissions…

After establishing himself in 1973, my father, John Clark became a significant presence within the
automotive aftermarket, providing the sector exhaust products, building a reputation of having the
right parts available at the right time and at a competitive price. Forever remembered for his
entrepreneurial spirit, my father knew there was an emerging need to satisfy growing demand for
catalytic converters. Before long, the EEC we know today began to take shape and our
manufacturing base grew to include both Revcoat Technologies Ltd. and Prolazer Components Ltd.
securing the company as a true end to end provider of emission products. Over the years, we’ve
shared in our journey of continued growth, building upon our reputation as a leading supplier of
market leading product within the UK and beyond. It’s no accident that our name is European
Exhaust and Catalyst Ltd. having premises outside the UK, with EEC France being our European base.
However, our products are shipped all over the world, so we’re European by name, but truly global
by nature.

But what’s different about EEC?

EEC is a family business in every sense, headed by Paul Clark and celebrating over 27 years of
successful business, EEC are a well-established name in the automotive industry. Known for their
aftersales and technical training along with having those products others just don’t have, they
continue to open new doors and grow existing customers business every year. Vehicle technology
evolves all the time, with the addition of DPFs, SCR Catalysts and GPFs to emission reduction
systems, EEC are incredibly well placed to support business into the future. Being the only
manufacturer in England to have the capability to apply our own coating technology, we have
unrivalled technical knowledge and control of our processes. We don’t rely on others to provide the
most essential element of what we produce. The market car parc is continually evolving and the
ranking position of part numbers is ever moving. So, with EEC in your corner, offering stock support
and data analysis, it means you can be assured that you will have product on your shelf that won’t
be gathering dust.

“All of us at EEC are extremely passionate and proud of our products. We strive to source the very
best materials from our Worldwide partners assuring you of quality, fitment and performance.” – 
Paul Clark, Managing Director

How can you find more?

You can use EEC’s website to look up all the latest accredited application data and range updates or
follow them across their social media channels to find out more about emissions industry and
featured parts. EEC also feature regularly appear in industry magazines and can be found at most
major trade events such as this year’s Automechanika Frankfurt in Hall 3, stand H91.

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