Eurorepar adds eight new oils to its product range

Eurorepar has added eight new oils to its product portfolio, with the lubricants available to order now through the Distrigo parts distribution network.

Headlining the new additions is a 0W-20 grade engine oil, available in six different product configurations to meet differing manufacturer specifications. In addition to some Stellantis Group marques, the oil is also compliant with select Volvo, Toyota, Renault, Volkswagen Audi Group and Mercedes models. The low viscosity 0W-20 oil helps to reduce CO2 emissions by facilitating the efficient operation of the anti-pollution system, while also providing resistance to deposit build up and working to maximise the service life of engine parts.

A new 5W-20 grade engine oil for Ford EcoBoost petrol engines and an ATF standard oil for six- to eight-speed automatic gearboxes round out the new additions.

Eurorepar is constantly seeking to improve its product line-up to meet market standards, while also offering a complete range of engine oils (thermal and hybrid) and gearbox oils (for manual and automatic transmissions) for car and van drivers.

Now with a total line-up of 18 engine oils, Eurorepar’s multi-brand range is one of the most extensive on the market. Its patented formula is approved not only in vehicles that are part of the Stellantis Group, but is also approved for use by the likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota. Currently, the engine lubricant range is suitable for 95% of vehicles in Europe, including commercial vehicles and those using a hybrid powertrain.

Eurorepar’s engine lubricants are created from high-quality synthetic oils and boast a number of specific additives to optimise performance. As well as offering a high degree of protection for parts to reduce wear and extend life span, the oils are available in several viscosity indexes to ensure cold flow and excellent resistance at high temperatures. Eurorepar oils can also contribute to a reduction in overall fuel consumption.

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