Exol adds to leading Antifreeze range ahead of winter

Exol Lubricants has launched two new products in its popular Antifreeze range, as it encourages technicians, garages and workshops to prepare for the winter season by stocking up on antifreeze for passenger cars (PC) and commercial vehicles (CV).

The lubricants supplier has added Opticool Antifreeze P-OAT and Opticool Antifreeze SP-OAT to its Opticool ‘Concentrate’ category.

These latest generation hybrid coolants have been specially developed for vehicles in the Asian markets – and the latest generation of engines requiring Phosphated / Silicated technologies for extended life and protection to anodic and cathodic areas of the cooling system.

The complete Antifreeze product portfolio is made up of three collections: Concentrates, PRO and Universal Top Up.

Exol’s Concentrates product category includes Opticool Antifreeze Blue, Opticool Antifreeze HD Green, Opticool Antifreeze HDX Blue Green, Opticool Antifreeze SOAT Lilac, Opticool Antifreeze Red and Opticool Antifreeze Universal Clear.

The new Opticool Antifreeze P-OAT and Opticool Antifreeze SP-OAT are also part of this collection.

These antifreeze products have been developed from innovative inhibitors to respond to the evolving technological development of cooling systems that are used in modern vehicles, as well as offering a long coolant operational life.

Exol’s PRO range consists of Opticool Antifreeze PRO Blue and Opticool Antifreeze PRO Red. Both of which are ethylene glycol-based engine coolants which can be used as concentrates, or further diluted to give workshops maximum versatility without compromising corrosion, sediments or elastomer compatibility.

Finally, the ‘Universal Top Up’ range includes the Opticool Antifreeze Universal (Clear), a monoethylene glycol based ready-to-use engine coolant which uses Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology and is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates and silicates (BTC Classification Type 4E).

This additive package has been specifically formulated to provide excellent continued corrosion protection for all types of engines under the most demanding conditions.

All of Exol’s antifreeze coolants feature a number of different additives that are required in order to protect vehicles. These additives are suitable for a wide range of vehicle makes and models to deliver year-round protection as well as offering a high level of performance in challenging conditions.

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