FAI Automotive expands its range with cutting-edge engine and chassis parts

FAI Automotive has announced an expansion of its product range to include 10 new references covering even more passenger car and light commercial vehicle applications.

The expansion includes new Conversion Gasket Sets, including reference CS2329, designed for an array of models from CITROEN, FORD, OPEL, PEUGEOT, and TOYOTA, including the BERLINGO, FOCUS, and PROACE, suited for 1.5 DV5 engines from 2017 onwards.

Also joining the range is part number CS2353, tailored for JAGUAR and LAND ROVER models, fitting vehicles such as the E-PACE and RANGE ROVER EVOQUE with 2.0 D engines from 2015 and above.

FAI’s Hub Bearing Kit range grows further with the addition of reference FHBK1206, exclusively for the MERCEDES C-CLASS across various models since 2014, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance.

Further enhancing the engine portfolio, FAI introduces new Head Gaskets, including part numbers HG2324C, HG2324D and Oil Pump reference OP452, compatible with a wide selection of vehicles from CITROEN, FORD, OPEL, PEUGEOT, and TOYOTA, addressing the needs of 1.5 DV5 engines post-2017. Reference, HS2324NH, follows suit, complementing the same range of models and engines.

For the FORD FIESTA, FOCUS, and other models, a new Inlet Manifold Gasket, part number IM1650K, is now available for engines 1.0i / 1.0i T from the year 2012 onwards. FAI’s new Inlet Manifold Gasket, part number IM1796, joins the lineup for various MERCEDES classes, fitting 1.6 / 2.0i engines from 2012 forward.

Lastly, a new Auxiliary Oil Pump, reference OP462AUX, covers vehicles from AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, and VW, including the popular GOLF and TIGUAN, supporting 1.8 / 2.0 Tsi engines since 2012.

Each new reference in FAI’s expanded range adheres to the company’s high-quality standards, ensuring reliability and optimal performance. All of the latest part numbers are in stock and immediately available for shipment.

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