Fill in motorists on filters, garages advised

Garages are being urged to to educate their customers on the importance of regular cabin filter replacement.

Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at GSF Car Parts said: “Cabin filters are perhaps the most understated filter on the service schedule and many motorists simply don’t understand the vital role they play in protecting the occupants of a vehicle from harmful pollutants. It’s now widely advised for workshops to replace cabin filters annually or every 10,000 miles to ensure optimum protection.”

GSF Car Parts recently became the UK’s exclusive distributor of DR!VE+ Filters.

Simon added: “DR!VE+ Cabin Filters undergo stringent quality-control checks to ensure they stop dangerous particles from entering the cabin through the vehicle’s ventilation system, providing an affordable and effective replacement option that fits and functions just like the original.”

GSF also stocks of OEM Cabin Filters from the likes of MANN-FILTER and Hengst Filters.

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