Fueltone Pro reports world-leading engine flush run time

Fuel additives and automotive chemical specialist Fueltone Pro has reported “world-leading” running times for its engine flush product range, helping reduce fleet downtime caused by maintenance.

An industry standard engine flush run time can range from 20 to 40 minutes; however the Aberdeenshire-based chemical specialist has engineered a product that will complete a flushing process in just five minutes.

Robbie Gray, chairman at Fueltone Pro, said: “Fueltone’s engine flush sets a world-leading benchmark for run time. Being able to complete a thorough and effective cleaning process in the fraction of the time expected of other engine flush products available, means that fleet managers and workshops can improve engine system efficiency but also save valuable time.”

Now available in recyclable 200ml metal can packaging for retail and trade customers via Fueltone’s extensive distribution network, the company’s oil-based engine flush captures water particles present in the oil system, and removes carbon deposits and water safely and efficiently.

“The effective combination of Fueltone Pro’s unique additive chemistry means it works quickly. It features carbon dissolving chemicals in the mix, that break down carbon into tiny particles, and holds them in suspension so they can be safely removed. The non-aggressive flush also features water capture chemistry that binds with any water and traps it in solution,” Gray says.

The company’s engine flush chemistry sits alongside Fueltone Pro’s range of petrol and diesel additives, diesel particulate filter treatments and diesel system primers. Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption, and clean up fuel system components.

Additive formulations will keep an engine clean, meaning the engine will burn the fuel for longer and at a higher temperature, resulting in an increase in power for every millilitre of fuel that the vehicle consumes.

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