Garages should focus on vehicle battery health after summer

With the MOT season fast approaching leading motor factor, Arnold Clark Autoparts, is encouraging garages to prepare for the increased demand – and make the most of every vehicle on the ramp – by checking the health of a vehicle battery after the effects of summer.

After the UK enjoyed one of the hottest summers on record, which led to droughts across the country, it’s clear to see the warm temperatures are having a knock-on effect for the rest of the year.

Flat batteries are mainly linked with winter conditions as the colder temperatures can have an effect on battery chemistry. Add to this the use of heaters, lights and wipers more often in the colder months, and it’s clear a shorter battery life is the outcome. However, it’s the hotter months that cause more problems for batteries due to high temperatures under the bonnet leading to battery corrosion, and ultimately decreased capacity.

Arnold Clark Autoparts offers a variety of products that can power cars, vans, boats, jet skis, motorbikes and more with its selection of batteries from brands such as Yuasa and Goliath.

The company also stocks a selection of battery testers in its product range, for technicians to carry out a health check of vehicle batteries, whilst doing an MOT.

Arnold Clark Autoparts batteries are part of its A-Points loyalty scheme which rewards garages for purchases through Arnold Clark Autoparts with loyalty points being credited back to accounts every month.

With an increased range of available qualifying products, garages can quickly accrue A-Points to spend on the latest tech, holidays, restaurants vouchers, fitness equipment and cinema trips.

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