Interview with Mark Fleming of Core Diagnostics

Core Diagnostics provide Cloud-based Remote Vehicle Diagnostics to clients around the UK, saving on man hours, providing more accurate diagnostics, and increasing customer satisfaction. Their plug in system, Core Pro, could be considered a must have within the industry. Mark Fleming from Core Diagnostics joins us to discuss the how and why of their product.

When was the company set up and the motivation for doing so?

Core Diagnostics was a product of our Managing Director, Mark Fleming. After years in the trade with a background in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Programming & Coding and Keys and as many in the aftermarket, Mark felt the frustrations of needing so many tools, trainings and licenses. Core Diagnostics was created to solve this problem, providing you with 1 tool to cover over 66+ brands with advanced diagnostic tasks. 

Who are your target customers?

Serving national and independent Bodyshop’s, Windscreen Repairers, Mobile ADAS Technicians, Auto Locksmiths and Garages nationwide, our team is comprised of specialists in ADAS, keys, programming & coding, diagnostics and more. Ensuring a wide range of brands, capabilities and jobs for our end users.

What was the first product you launched?

Here at Core Diagnostics, we’re passionate about development. We soft-launched our product in early 2020, entering our beta phase of client feedback, infrastructure development and continuous improvement. 

Now, after 2 years of exhaustive testing and improvements we are now officially launching our service to cater to more customers, no waiting lists or barrier to entry.

It was important to us that we didn’t launch out of the gate. We believe that we have the best service in the marketplace, and that is due to our obsession with customer service, superior infrastructure and continuous development. 

Can you tell me about Core Pro? The R&D process and what the device is capable of

The Core Pro is the ultimate solution for any modern-day repairer in the automotive aftermarket. With security gateways, ADAS, EV’s being just some of the the increasingly challenging changes in the automotive industry, workshops are struggling to keep up and are continually having to invest in more and more tooling, that, quite frankly, may no longer be fit for purpose. 

Gone are the days of simple tooling and we’re now faced with the days of advance vehicles, connected vehicles and more IT leaking into the industry. Therefore, garages need to be mindful of the ROI on their tooling investments, as well as the tool manufacturers’ outlook for the future. 

We can no longer bury our head in the sand, and that’s why Core Diagnostics and the Core Pro is built for the future. As you use the tool it will update alongside the moving technology in the industry. All updates are free of charge and allow your workshop to have confidence that when a modern vehicle is in a bay, it will be repaired in-house, without additional transportation or sub-contractor costs.

The Core Pro solves any future dilemmas because it’s built for them. Workshops simply plug in the tool and are connected to an expert who can complete: 
ADAS Calibrations
Programming and Coding
Security Gateway Access
EV Shutdowns
DOIP Vehicles

and more. 

How does the product differ from other diagnostic tools?

Core Diagnostics is more than a tool. The tool is only a gateway to the real product, the service. We believe our remote service is the best out there. We’re dedicated to ensuring all our technicians are IMI Accredited, highly skilled in key areas and are responsive. 

Each ticket is on-demand, meaning you can plug in, set up a ticket and within 30 seconds a technician will begin work on the vehicle. This is something we pride ourselves on and is currently not available, consistently, within the industry on this scale.

As more remote diagnostic tools come to market, it will become more apparent that it’s what’s behind the tool that counts. The number of technicians, the number of brands and the skills and customer service to exceed the expectations of workshops.

One of the most important questions when choosing your remote service provider is always: how robust is the service? One good indicator for this is: how many vehicles/tickets can the service handle before there is a queue?

Core Diagnostics is ahead of the curve and will continue to ensure that the service behind our tool is unmatched in the aftermarket.

Can you tell me how the Core Pro ADAS calibration works?

The Core Pro can complete both static and dynamic ADAS calibrations. 

For static, you can add the Core Pro tool to your existing frame or set up, greatly increasing your in-house coverage and specialist knowledge. Our technicians will complete the calibration for you, assisting you remotely. 

For dynamic, our technicians will put the vehicle into calibration mode ready for your technician to take it for a drive.

Will this work on any vehicle?

We have coverage of over 66+ vehicle brands. Typically, remote works best with vehicles less than 15 years old due to the vehicles’ electrical systems and infrastructure.

The Core Pro tool is DOIP and CAN-FD ready for future vehicle applications. 

With regulation changing next year this could be a vital tool for even more technicians. Where can people purchase the tool?

Yes, with all vehicles made 2022 onwards requiring ADAS systems to be fitted most workshops and Accident Repair Centres will be working with these systems more regularly. The modern-day workshop will be programming & coding as well as calibrating advanced driver assistance systems on the newer vehicles.

The Core Pro is perfectly suited to ensure workshops can carry out these jobs immediately.

You can find the Core Pro in our shop:

What technical support do you also receive from Core Diagnostics?

For those new to the Core Pro, the technician support and access to 66+ brands is the offering.

Each time you plug in the tool, a technician will speak to you via our live chat, completing the job on your behalf.

Our technicians may ask you to complete certain functions at the vehicle (such as ignition on/off) whilst they complete a range of advanced-level diagnostic tasks on the vehicle.

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