Juratek boosts range with 13 new additions

Juratek has revealed its latest range expansion, offering six new caliper references, two brake pads and five new hoses, as it looks to cover the ever-growing vehicle parc and meet increased demand.

The brand employs product engineers who have developed its products to today’s industry-leading standards. For example, Juratek’s leading range of brake pads are fully certified to ECE Regulation 90 and officially approved for fitting in any European country.

The brand’s new calipers include part numbers, JCA1243L and JCA1243R, to cover Alfa Romeo Giulietta 10 – 20, Chrysler Delta 11 -, Fiat 500l 13 -, Lancia Delta 08 – 14 and Opel Combo 12 -, plus references, JCA1366L and JCA1366R, developed for Toyota Auris 10 – 18, Mark X 07 -, Mirai 14 – 20, Prius Plus 11 – and Rav4 05 -.

The company has also added part numbers, JCA1703Land JCA1703R, suitable for popular BMW applications such as X3 10 -, X4 14 – , X5 18 – 23 and X6 19 – 20.

Juratek’s calipers are put through rigorous testing to ensure they are fit for purpose. One of the most important tests is the high and low pressure test. Each caliper will firstly be low pressure tested with a 0.6MPA pressure which lasts for five seconds, then a high pressure test is done under 4MPA which also lasts 5 seconds. If there is no pressure loss, then the product is approved for sale.

Two new brake pad references, JCP4108, to fit Mercedes C-Class 21 – , and part number, JCP8261, suitable for BMW i3 13 – to meet the needs of the latest vehicle models and technologies, have also been introduced.

A key highlight in Juratek’s latest brake hoses offer includes, JBH1494, to fit Nissan Qashqai II 13 – and Renault Kadjar 15 -.

All of the new-to-range parts from Juratek are available on the brand’s online catalogue, Webshop, where customers can search by part number, vehicle application or dimensions, such as height, thickness, drum diameter and other criteria, making the identification of brake parts quick and easy.

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