Launch Tech reveals new X-PROG3 key programming device

Aftermarket diagnostics equipment supplier Launch Tech UK has revealed the X-PROG3, a new vehicle programming tool to provide powerful anti-theft system coverage and engine and gearbox reprogramming capabilities.

Working in conjunction with Launch diagnostic tools, including the PRO 5 / PRO 5 Link and Euro Tab ranges, X-PROG3 is the ideal choice for independent garages looking for support for reading and programming Volkswagen Group, BMW and Mercedes-Benz immobilisers and many more, and for rewriting data to new keys.

Launch Tech UK’s new programming tool supports vehicle repair garages and locksmiths with key, engine, and gearbox programming, across a wide range of vehicles.

X-PROG3 also supports engine ECU replacement or cloning, reading engine data directly from the key, for Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes MQB platform ECUs, and can backup and restore programming data for Bosch and Siemens ECUs.

The product comes complete with all necessary adaptors and connectors and features a vehicle key slot, DB26 used to connect to each anti-theft cables, key matching function, infrared slot, power supply status indicator and DC 12V used to connect to the power supply.

More information can found here.

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