Lifting-jack pads designed for Tesla vehicles

Prevent jacking damage to Tesla vehicles with these lifting-jack pads from Laser Tools

Tesla models need maintenance just like any other car and when jacking up (using either a floor jack or a two-post ramp), it can be easy to damage the bodywork or the battery case, even though the correct lifting points have been used. Laser Tools has just introduced two sets of four lifting-jack pads designed to help prevent any damage on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (part number 8439), or the Model S and Model X (part number 8440).

Pushed directly into the lifting points on the underside of the vehicle, the rubber O-ring holds the pad in place while the jack or ramp is then raised up to the pad. The pads feature colour-coded rubber collars (yellow on the 8439 and green on the 8440) which identifies their location under the car and also acts as a grip to help remove the pad from the vehicle after use.

Manufactured from sturdy, non-compressible and non-marring acetal plastic (polyoxymethylene), with a rubber O-ring. Spare single pads of both types are also available (part number 8460 for Model 3 and Model Y and part number 8461 for Model S and Model X).

If you intend to be offering servicing and repairs on Tesla models, then you will need these two sets of lifting jack pads. They are available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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