LKQ Euro Car Parts launches trade-only Starline battery range

LKQ Euro Car Parts has launched a new, trade-only battery range under its Starline banner that includes conventional, absorbed glass mat batteries (AGM) and enhanced flooded batteries (EFB)

The range also takes into account the need for batteries that facilitate Stop/Start functionality.

LKQ Euro Car Parts Marketing Director Colin Cottrell commented: “Expanding our Starline batteries range will help the garages we support to meet the requirements of commercial and leisure vehicles as well as passenger cars, and offer drivers a trusted branded alternative.

“Offering a choice of products from great brands helps garages empower their customers to make their own decisions when it comes to their vehicles, and is an important way to drive loyalty and trust.”

The Starline range was established in 1999 and now includes over 35,000 products, covering more than 90% of spare parts for passenger vehicles.

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