Matt Cleevely achieves 40% turnover growth with Garage Hive

One of the UK’s most renowned independent garage owners, Matt Cleevely of Cheltenham-based Cleevely Motors and Cleevely EV, says his business saw a 40 per cent increase in turnover within the first year of implementing Garage Hive.

The remarkable growth was fuelled by noticeable improvements in efficiency and the ability to precisely invoice for the time spent on each job.

“Garage Hive has revolutionised how we operate,” said Matt. “We’re now able to maximise technician repair times, and being able to invoice for actual time spent has made a huge difference to our bottom line.”

Matt credits the efficiency improvements to the many time-saving features within the award-winning garage management system, all contributing to continued garage growth. GSF Car Parts integration, for example, offers full access to its product catalogue, displaying current prices and availability directly in Garage Hive, simplifying order placement with just a click.

“Everything is easy to understand and follow,” said Matt. “Even when I’m not around to handle the day-to-day workshop operations, I can stay informed by reviewing the data in Garage Hive. Having comprehensive information about every aspect of the business is crucial for planning future growth.”

Reflecting on the transition to Garage Hive, Matt recalls his initial apprehension. “The Garage Hive team warned us that the first months might be challenging, but we embraced the transition, and everyone got on board with the change,” he said. “Now I couldn’t imagine being without Garage Hive.

“From the initial enquiry, even to the odd issue today, the whole Garage Hive team are friendly, knowledgeable, and endlessly helpful. They don’t over-promise and under-deliver, quite the opposite, and they are realistic about what their system can do for us.”

Cleevely EV is one of the UK’s most renowned independent EV specialists. Opened in 2018 alongside the continuation of Cleevely Motors, the family business today employs six workshop technicians, an MOT tester, three front-of-house service advisors and six mobile technicians with Matt overseeing all operations.

“I can’t recommend Garage Hive highly enough,” said Matt. “It has transformed my family business. Our customers view us as a more professional business too, which has allowed us to increase our prices without having to justify additional costs.”

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