Maverick Diagnostics unveils advanced Hyundai and KIA diagnostic tools

Maverick Diagnostics has continued its commitment to enhancing the capabilities of independent workshops by introducing the latest OEM diagnostic tool setups for Hyundai and KIA vehicles.

The Hyundai GDS Smart Basic Kit and KIA KDS 2.0 Basic Kit have been meticulously designed to cater for their respective vehicle models, supplying technicians with comprehensive diagnostic functionalities, robust analytical capabilities, and the capacity to perform reprogramming tasks. Furthermore, they grant access to an extensive menu of technical, service, and repair data.

These kits are equipped with all the essential components required for a smooth and professional diagnostic test. This includes a VCI II (Vehicle Communication Interface II) USB cable, OBD cable, and a USB with a License Key.

It’s important to highlight that to fully harness the potential of the Hyundai and KIA tools, users will need an Android tablet and a Global Service Way account. Ultimately, the Hyundai GDS Smart Basic Kit and KIA KDS 2.0 Basic Kit allow technicians to deliver advanced diagnostics for these specific vehicle brands, ensuring efficient and precise repairs and maintenance.

As Maverick Diagnostics continues to enhance the diagnostic tool industry, the company’s managing director, Laura Hall, underlines its commitment to innovation and excellence: “Our mission is to equip independent workshops and technicians with cutting-edge solutions allow them to deliver outstanding customer service. The Hyundai GDS Smart Basic Kit and KIA KDS 2.0 Basic Kit exemplify our dedication to providing the best tools for our valued customers.”

Maverick Diagnostics Technical Director, Dave Jones, added: “As a distributor of Hyundai, Genesis and KIA diagnostic equipment, we are thrilled to fuel independent workshops with these premium tools. We are confident these tools will be the perfect addition to a technician’s toolbox and will allow them to tackle the latest diagnostic challenges with competence and confidence.”

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