Mercedes tops Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote requests

Mercedes-Benz is the most ticketed vehicle manufacturer (VM) on Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote Services, new data analysis shows.

The three-pointed star accounted for 12.2 per cent of all remote diagnostic tickets in the last 12 months with the majority relating to the replacement of front radar and headlight modules.

Thousands of remote diagnostic jobs have been completed across some 240 vehicle models from 41 VMs in the last 12 months alone. Following Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Ford rank as the next most-ticketed VM, accounting for 10.2 per cent and 7.4 per cent respectively.

“We’re seeing a remarkable diversity in the types of tickets raised on macsRemote,” said Julian Goulding, Head of Sales at Hella Gutmann. “It underscores the complexity of today’s diagnostic requirements, which is why we’re committed to ensuring independent garages have the tools and assistance needed to navigate these challenges effectively.”

Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote Services gives workshops the OE capability to undertake calibrations and coding on vehicles via remote connection. It’s a service which essentially means vehicles no longer need to be referred to the main dealer. Independent garages facing roadblocks due to lack of data, access authorisations, or because the vehicle is too new to be for their usual diagnostic tools, can now call on Hella Gutmann’s remote experts.

“We’ve removed the VM hoops that independent garages have been expected to jump through,” said Alex Magee, Hella Gutmann Technical Specialist. “They can now complete jobs which previously seemed impossible or uneconomical. It’s instantaneous too, just plug-in and raise a ticket. Within a minute of requesting support, workshops will be in direct contact with us.”

Technicians simply connect the macsRemote vehicle communication interface (VCI) to the car and create a job ticket via the Hella Gutmann online portal. From here, technical experts can remotely access all the vehicle’s electronic systems and perform the required tasks using VM diagnostic equipment. Notably, this solution comes without ongoing license charges, presenting a cost-effective pay-as-you-go model.

“Many workshops also use macsRemote to help narrow down the fault-finding process,” said Alex. “It’s essentially like having another Master Technician on call whenever you need them.”

The majority of tickets issued are for vehicles first registered between 2016 and 2022. However, macsRemote Services is available on most vehicles manufactured after 2008.

“Offering remote access to vehicle systems via the Hella Gutmann online portal, macsRemote brings an unparalleled level of diagnostic functions and support,” said Julian. “The aim for us is to empower independents with the tools they need to rival the VM franchised dealer networks.”

Garage can find out more about macsRemote Services online here:

Top 10 most-ticketed VMs on macsRemote in last 12 months:

  1. Mercedes-Benz: 12.2%
  2. Volkswagen: 10.2%
  3. Ford: 7.4%
  4. Vauxhall: 7.3%
  5. Nissan: 6.8%
  6. Audi: 5.9%
  7. BMW: 5.2%
  8. Land Rover: 4.9%
  9. Peugeot: 4.1%
  10. Volvo: 3.6%

*Data excludes front camera calibrations.

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