Mobile business wins back main dealer work with macsRemote

Universal Calibration & Geo, a progressive London-based programming and ADAS calibration specialist, has put its rapid success down to Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote Services.

Launched in 2023, the mobile business provides on-site diagnostic services to a wide range of workshops across London and beyond. Using macsRemote Services, Universal Calibration & Geo fulfils its ‘we can do any car’ diagnostic slogan, traditionally unviable for most independent garages.

“macsRemote gives us the capability to program and calibrate software on any vehicle,” said Nabil Ahmad, Universal Calibration & Geo Director. “Without it, we’d need to invest tens of thousands of pounds in getting the original equipment (OE) tools, and then there’s the admin hassle to manage all of the individual portals.”

Boasting access to around 70 vehicle manufacturer (VM) tools, Hella Gutmann’s remote experts are on-hand to assist independents facing roadblocks due to lack of data, access authorisations, or because the vehicle is too new for their usual diagnostic tools.

“So many of the garages we get out to were previously sending these vehicles back to the main dealer,” said Nabil. “With macsRemote, we’re able to plug-in and access the vehicle within ten minutes, even if it’s factory-fresh. It allows us to code, programme and calibrate any vehicle component.”

Technicians simply connect the macsRemote vehicle communication interface (VCI) to the vehicle and create a job ticket via the Hella Gutmann online portal. From here, technical experts can remotely access all electronic systems and perform the required tasks using VM diagnostic equipment. Pay-as-you-go pricing means no ongoing license charges.

When it comes to ADAS calibration, all three Universal Calibration & Geo mobile support vans are equipped with Hella Gutmann’s CSC-Tool Mobile ADAS calibration kit. Popular among mobile technicians and workshops with limited space, the equipment benefits from a collapsible chassis and folding calibration target panels.

“Nabil’s experience underscores the value of macsRemote as a transformative diagnostic tool,” said Julian Goulding, Head of Sales at Hella Gutmann. “For us, it’s about simplifying the diagnostic process and giving independent businesses, like Nabil’s, the tools to rival the franchised dealer networks.”

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