MOT data added to Garage Industry Trends

Garage Industry Trends, the motor industry data platform developed by Garage Hive, has integrated extensive MOT data that is now available publicly for anyone to view.

A raft of fascinating MOT charts and insights is on show at The summaries are created from publicly available UK government data which the site seeks to use to ‘provide insights to everyone in the motor industry’.

Garage Industry Trends has gained growing attention since launching in September 2022. Up to now, the platform has aggregated over 175,000 transaction lines from an opted in group of 117 independent garages.

The site then calculates and displays rolling real-time averages for invoice value, labour rate, count of future bookings and Net Promoter Score (NPS). The service has already shed light on surprisingly high national fluctuations in garage work-loading as well as being the first source of a truly live UK garage labour rate.

“The vision was always to enhance Garage Industry Trends with external data,” said Alex Lindley, Director of Garage Hive. “We’ve integrated over 200 million lines of MOT data to power this new suite of reports.”

Quick reference charts are provided for MOT volume per year, regional pass rates, MOT volume by fuel type and much more. Geographic EV data and MOT failure rates by fuel type present some particularly interesting information for policy makers.

There’s even a link to the ‘Full Report Suite’ which allows viewers to filter the data and explore their own areas of interest.

The addition of MOT data insights comes at a pivotal time as industry seeks to respond to government consultation which once again proposes changing the UK’s longstanding 3-1-1 test regime.

In particular, Garage Industry Trends data has been used extensively to assist the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) in formulating its evidence-based response to the government consultation.

“The Garage Industry Trends data has been immensely useful in providing crucial evidence to support our response to the government’s MOT consultation”, explained Hayley Pells, Policy Manager at the IMI. “The depth and breadth of the insight means that our recommendations, which will be submitted later this month, will be based on real-world MOT performance.”

For more information, please visit The new MOT data can be viewed under the ‘MOT Data Trends’ menu link.

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