Odyssey, a new generation of battery for a new season

As the trees and hedgerows come into leaf, the leisure community begins to ponder once again on the great outdoors and the places they want to explore, and dream of new areas to discover, which inevitably leads them to think about the readiness of the caravans and motorhomes they rely on to reach these destinations and fulfil those aspirations.

Central to the success of every trip is having instant and reliable electrical power, available at the flick of a switch, to provide the energy needed for everything from interior and exterior lighting, to being able to relax with a coffee, in a warm compartment, while watching TV. Without batteries however, this is all but impossible, which is why enthusiasts should look for the most cost effective solution, and invest in the best.

One of the primary requirements for batteries used for leisure applications is a good cyclic capacity, which is the number of times they can be charged, discharged and then charged again, before their performance begins to fall away. A lead acid battery is only design to be discharged to 50% of its capacity, which means a typical leisure battery will provide between 70 to 360 cycles, whereas batteries utilising AGM (absorbed glass matt) technology will provide 400 cycles or more. So, ultimately the actual cost of the battery should be worked out on the number of cycles it provides during its lifespan.

Odyssey batteries are renowned for the TPPL (thin plate pure lead) technology they incorporate, which contributes to why they typically have twice the power and three times the lifespan of a battery of conventional design. By combining TPPL with AGM, Odyssey has developed a leisure battery that can be discharged by as much as 80% and still provide 400 cycles, which means if restricted to the lead acid level of 50%, they are likely to provide in excess of 800 cycles!

This performance should make those considering switching the lithium batteries think twice, because, particularly in motorhome applications, the charging system is likely to need to be modified to cater for the lithium technology, further increasing the cost of change. However, this is not a requirement with the Odyssey offering, which therefore provides the leisure sector with almost unlimited off grid performance.

The Odyssey Extreme range comes with four options from 68Ah to 214Ah, with Odyssey Performance coming in seven, starting at 62Ah and finishing with 215Ah. Most have both pillar and stud terminals, and all come with carrying handles to make transportation and installation, as manageable as possible.

Odyssey batteries are available to wholesalers through Ecobat Battery, the UK’s largest battery distributor, but consumers can find out more, and also locate their nearest stockists, by visiting: https://www.ecobatbattery.com/applications/leisure/

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